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Zoutons launches chrome extension to help you save on online shopping

Zoutons is a couponic website which offers multiple deals to its customers and deals do not get stickled with a particular deal or something, it varies according to the product or the choice of the customer. With the increasing demand of the couponic websites, it is doing amazingly well on the business front. Now they are all here with the Zoutons chrome extension which will make things easier for all the customers.

More the manifestation will be there, more the demand will increase and thereby they are here will all new chrome extension. They have recenty launched the chrome extension for all their valuable customers. Now people can actually know “what to buy” and “what not to” in maximum of their profit!


Zoutons is a couponic hub where one can get plenty of offers on almost every category or product. Ranging from Electronics to clothes or home appliances everything. They have their box filled for you. Zoutons website has more than 400 stores and 100 categories overall in and guess what they have offers/discounts for each store and category.

A number of cashback, discounts or offers. You choose one product and your screen will be listed with multiple things. No irritating ads, no wasting time. They are into this business for 4 years and have created a reputed goodwill round the time.


Chrome extension is basically a software which works according to your search history. Once you download this to your laptops, this will help you to provide the best of offers. A new tab and a new offer. The best thing about this extension is it is very light, i.e 477 KB only. So, basically, you can search for your favourite products and get discounts on them instantly.


Firstly, starting with the chrome extension of Zoutons. They are here with something new, adding chrome extension to your desktop will save your time. If you are already bored of switching from coupons to coupons to get the maximum of discounts or you want to get relieved from the irritating advertisement then you must try this chrome extension now.

You just need to install the chrome extension in your computers or laptops and rest leave upon them. They will mark your importance and give you the best offer every time you search for something.

Moreover, as Zoutons is already serving you with coupon codes chrome extension helps you to grab all new offers at once. Imagine you are opening a new tab and there is an offer popped up in your screen along with the coupon code, isn’t this very exciting? This will save your time and make you do smart work as well and one of the major aspect of chrome extension is that it provides clean background, you will get “new offers” every time you open a new tab.

For instance, if you are searching for refrigerator then your page will already be filled with some exclusive coupons and offers which are providing the best deals on Electronics on the right side of your screen and then you can choose as per your choice.



  1. It will definitely save your time
  2. Relive from pesky ads
  3. New offers every time you open a new tab
  4. Offers on almost your favorite websites (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra)
  5. No perks of searching coupons on websites, you will have in your hands!
  6. The offers that will be available to you will be from notable stores like Flipkart, Amazon, Jabong, etc.


  1. Go to the “Chrome web store
  2. Search Zoutons chrome extension
  3. Click on “add this chrome”
  4. Automatically, this extension will be downloaded in your laptop/ PC
  5. After the download, click on the “Run” button
  6. And Yes! It’s done.

What we do normally when we go out for shopping? We normally, bargain for our favorite product and never give the exact price that seller demands for. Here also, one just needs to bargain in a technical form, download the Zoutons chrome extension and wait for the offer every time you open a new tab. Zoutons will surprise always with new offers from specific category. Go download it soon!

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