YouTube TV will offer a week of free service after Wednesday's service interruption during FIFA semifinals

YouTube TV will offer a week of free service after Wednesday’s service interruption during FIFA semifinals

It’s Wednesday, the day when Croatia was playing against England at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Semifinal and right at the middle of the match, YouTube TV went offline for around an hour. This actually happened on Wednesday where the football lovers were not able to see the semifinals of 2018 FIFA World Cup due to a technical glitch that interruption access to YouTube TV for around an hour. Google who owns YouTube has finally stepped ahead in providing a resolution to the technical glitch by offering a week of free service for all YouTube TV subscribers.

Google also asserted that all the recordings captured by the subscriber before and after the brief interruption are now available in the library section. In a bid to replace cable TV services, YouTube launched its online YouTube TV that provided access to the TV anytime and every time the user feels like without any hassle of cable services. YouTube TV streamed all 64 matches on its platform with more than 300 hours of coverage. As soon as the service interruption kicked in, its rivals took the advantage in order to promote their own services while the YouTube TV subscribers got angry and some of them even demanded a refund.

A YouTube TV subscription for a month costs around $35 to 40$ a month and with a free week of subscription credited onto the accounts of all the YouTube TV subscribers, it means Google has made up for the loss in service by providing a reimbursement of $8 to $10 in the form of a week of free service. YOuTube TV sent out emails to all subscribers regarding the issue and offer for a week of free service and asked the users to wait for the next confirmation email which is not yet received.