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YouTube cancels the YouTube Rewind after years!

The world’s largest video-streaming platform YouTube has decided to shut down its Rewind for good as it was not liked much by the people on the internet. According to the news reports, the platform confirmed today that they have decided to cancel its Rewind as the viewers ‘hated’ it.

Rewind was an annual year-end round-up by YouTube which gave a glimpse of all the popular trends, creators, memes, and the most popular videos on the platform. YouTube made the decision on the day that would be the 10th anniversary of Rewind. The platform exclusively confirmed the news with the media outlet TubeFilter.

It is largely believed that YouTube Rewind has been canceled after years because of the hate and criticism that it received, but the platform has denied it to be the reason behind their decision. YouTube says that they decided to abandon the project Rewind not because of the bad reviews and criticism but because of the increasing prominence of the platform. YouTube has become massive that it is getting impossible to summarize or compile its “vastness” and “diversity” within a few minutes.

Nonetheless, YouTube also passed the responsibility to the creators on YouTube, as many YouTubers have been involved in creating their own version of YouTube Rewind. Sharing the news via Twitter, YouTube Creators wrote that they would be looking forward to the creators’ Rewinds. Besides, the platform now wants to shift its focus back on the creators and celebrate them and the trends that they created.

Talking to the media outlet TubeFilter, a YouTube spokesperson said, “Since Rewind started in 2011, we have seen creators from MrBeast [54 million views], elrubiusOMG, and Slayy Point, to so many more, create their own end-of-year videos, uniquely capturing the year from each of their perspectives… It’ll continue to be inspiring to see the myriad of ways the most creative content producers in the world — our YouTube creators — encapsulate the end of year in their video recaps, as YouTube retires its own Rewind video.”

Even after all the hate that Rewind received, the project by YouTube was taking off back in 2018. However, the criticism began last year as people did not want to look back at the year 2020 for obvious reasons having to do with the COVID-19 pandemic, shutting down of the world, and so many deaths. Although 2018 was the year of its fame, Rewind saw its most disliked video the same year too. In fact, the 2018 video was hated by so many people that it still remains the most disliked video on the platform.

Some people also argued that YouTube was attempting to shift viewers’ focus from the “real community,” such as the controversial creators like Logan Paul and PewDiePie, in favor of more advertiser-friendly choices.

However, the company is not entirely ending its annual Rewind. It has planned to keep on producing its lists of yearly trends, which would follow a ranking system to celebrate noteworthy videos and creators. Moreover, YouTube will also continue with its Steamy Awards to recognize the creators on the platform.

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