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You Will Definitely Not Be Seeing This On Netflix

Netflix passed on one of the launch lineup shows for HBO Max.

Online-streaming platform Netflix offers a variety of content. Whether it is a trashy comedy or a super-serious documentary based on the on-going pandemic, there isn’t anything that Netflix hasn’t tried already to bring on its platform. However, if recent reports are believed to be true, Netflix has allegedly passed on one of the most-anticipated HBO Max shows. This news emerged when an interview that took place between Amy Schumer and Howard Stern came out. The interview was published on April 28th.

As we all know Schumer, she is quite popular as being one of the greatest female comedians on-screen. The actress is quite famous as being a controversial comic as well. She was on the show with none other than Howard Stern. In an effort to promote her new cooking series, she had attended Howard Stern’s show. During the show, she spoke deeply about her upcoming documentary. The same will be featured on HBO Max. During the interview, however, the actress goes on to mention that she has some special screenings with Netflix. The documentary was meant to be shared with Netflix originally however, HBO Max ended up picking it up.

So is this true?

It goes without saying that Netflix gets pitched a lot of shows and movies all the time. In fact, it was back in 2019 wherein Schumer had released her special stand-up called Growing on the show. To add further to this, a report by Variety suggests that the upcoming documentary is currently expected to be called Expecting Amy. The show will follow the story of the actress and how she goes through the journey of pregnancy.

It would make sense if she had decided to have both her documentaries on one platform. It would also end up providing a great amount of context. However, since HBO Max has decided to go ahead without any context, it is completely their call. According to the same report by Variety, Amy Schumer further ends up showcasing some really unfiltered behind-the-scenes glimpses of what Schumer really is. She goes through a difficult phase as she is dealing with pregnancy. She also tours and prepares around to finally debut her stand-up session.

So when is it releasing?

According to the report by Variety, HBO Max is expected to take the wraps off Amy Schumer’s latest documentary as one of its first originals that they will be debuting. Along with this, they also plan on launching Love Life, which is produced by Lionsgate as well as a new Looney Tunes show. There are multiple other reality series that are expected to make its come-back along with a one-off special feature on the classic show, Friends.

Amy Schumer concluded by saying that she has had a great relationship with Netflix and is good friends with Ted Sarandos and does not have any hard feelings against either of them.

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