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You can kindly f*** O** says Jennifer Aniston

The whole world is distressing with the most infectious disease COVID-19, which has taken over 271,181 death globally and lead to worldwide lockdowns. Everyone is restricted to stay home to prevent the spread of this extraordinary lethal coronavirus.

Due to this life-threatening disease, the entire world has come to a standstill mode and everyone in the world is jittery, whether a celebrity or a common man. To avoid the havoc of coronavirus, everyone is quarantining themselves in their respective homes.
In order to put a stop to most infectious COVID-19, Hollywood celebrities are also maintaining the social distancing and using social media platforms to update the fans by their day to day by posts.

Amidst quarantine, the most famous Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston is also very active on social media and she does not miss any chance to keep her millions of fans up to date about herself by sharing day to day posts. We have seen her doing various things to keep her busy and distracted like the laundry or replying to her friend’s memes. Our gorgeous and adorable Hollywood star is going through the same issues as ours. No-one is able to tackle it. It seems everyone is done with this pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the beautiful actress shared a throwback picture of herself on Instagram recently and mentioned that she wants the most infectious communicable disease coronavirus to end now.

Using a cuss word, she captioned on her Instagram post that “Dear COVID…You can kindly F**k off now. Thank you. BYE. TBT”.

We can see in the image, Jennifer Aniston is looking great in her natural look which is without make-up and wearing a grey t-back tee with a pair of orange cargo pants along with her hair tied in a loose ponytail.

By posting this picture, the famous Hollywood actress Jennifer has provided an incredibly powerful message against novel coronavirus. After this post, Jennifer’s Instagram was flooded with followers and celebrities’ comments. Many of them commented that Jennifer Aniston’s mood is much similar to what they are feeling amidst the coronavirus outbreak. Her post was totally relatable to their emotions.

Lisa Kudrow, Aniston’s co-star in Friends commented on the popular Hollywood star’s Instagram post with three clapping hands emoji.

The official Instagram account of Oprah magazine commented on Jennifer Aniston’s post ‘Nothing but respect for our President Jennifer Aniston.’ We then just a day prior, a story by Jennifer Aniston said that she was bored at her house.

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