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Yara Shahidi: How did she got the role of Tinkerbell?

Yara Shahidi is a 20-year-old American actress, model, and activist, who had gained her recognition for her role in the US hugely popular sitcom, ‘Black-ish’, and it spin-off series, ‘Grown-ish’. Besides starring in the sitcoms, Yara has film credits also which include Imagine That, Small foot, and played the protagonist in the movie, The Sun is Also a Star. She was one of the fifteen women selected to appear on the cover of British Vogue 2019. In 2020, Yara and her business partner who is her mother launched a production company called ‘7th Sun’, and signed deal with ABC Studio to produce series.

Recently, Yara has been cast as Tinkerbell in the Disney’s live-action movie of Peter Pan. The name of the movie is called, ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’, and also starring Jude Law as the villain, Captain Hook.

Yara Shahidi is also popular for her political activism, and founded the Eighteenx18 organization which helps and encourages the young people to get more involved in the politics. The organization and the youth in the group is currently working on the voting campaign for the US Presidential election which is scheduled to take place in November 2020.

Yara is an active supporter of Black Lives Matter movement, and donated to various organizations supporting Black Lives including the fund for Colin Kaepernick, the NFL player.

How Yara Shahidi got the role of Tinkerbell?

Yara will be the first black lady to play Tinkerbell in a huge production of Peter Pan live-action. The story was first written by JM Barrie in the year 1911, and tells a tale of a boy who never grows up.


The role of Tinkerbell has always been played by white people, but this time for a change, Yara Shahidi has been cast for it. The decision shows the commitment of Disney to present diversity in the movies. Peter Pan and Wendy is directed by David Lowery, and the release date of the movie is not known yet.

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