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Yahoo faces backlash after calling Chris Pratt a White Supremacist

Chris Pratt, aka Star-Lord, is a supremacist, according to Yahoo. Recently, Chris Pratt wore a T-Shirt which sports a Gadsden flag on top of it. Soon, Yahoo Movies curated an article and said that Chris Pratt is a white supremacist as wore the infamous Gadsden flag.

Chris Pratt became incredibly famous after portraying the role of Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy. On the other hand, Chris Pratt is also famous for his appearance in the Jurassic World movie. In the recent outing with his new wife, Chris Pratt wore a white T-shirt sporting the U.S.’s flag and a rattlesnake.

Yahoo needs to have an open mind

The T-shirt which led to a widespread controversy read as Don’t Tread On Me. By the looks of it, the text, as well as the rattlesnake, are the mottos of the infamous Gadsden flag. Christopher Gadsden did create a banner back in the year 1775 at the time of the Revolutionary War. The flag signifies both liberty and freedom.

The article which led to a massive backlash for Yahoo from people around the world came into being on the 17th of July. The headline of the article was Star-Lord is a gigantic white supremacist. By the looks of it, Chris Pratt has a wrong choice when it comes to choosing a T-Shirt.

Yahoo’s comment on Chris Pratt’s’ T-shirt

The controversial article also read the U.S. Men’s Soccer Team. On the other hand, Metallica did also use it a few times, and a few libertarians did also use it. Moreover, the Tea Party, the Far-Right political party, did also adopt the flag in the course of time.

But the fans of Chris Pratt are well aware of the person that Pratt is, and they didn’t buy the story. Later Yahoo had to revise the article after long and wide scrutiny.

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