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X-Men: Every movie in the franchise ranked

X-Men is an American film series based on a fictional superhero team of the same title that originally appeared in the comics created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The comics were published by Marvel Comics. The 20th Century Fox loved the comics and decided to adapt it into movies, and in the year 1994 it obtained the rights to the characters. The first movie in the franchise of X-Men was directed by Bryan Singer which released in the year 2000, the sequel of the movie titled X2 was released in 2003, and the third installment of the original trilogy titled X-Men: Last Stand was directed by Brett Ratner.

X-Men film series have thirteen movies under its title, and it is also the seventh highest-grossing film series with earning over $6 billion worldwide.


Here’s every X-Men movie ranked from worst to best!

13. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

It was released in the year 2009, and was not much of a hit among the audience because of its weak plot line.

12. The New Mutants

The movie released amidst the pandemic 2020, and fans were eager to see the movie but were utterly disappointed with the lack of story in the movie.

11. X-Men: The last stand

Released in the year 2006, and was extremely not in the genre of X-men franchise. Fans expected a diversified plot from the movie and director Brett Ratnor, but ultimate disappointment was the result of the expectations.

10. Dark Phoenix

Released in 2019, same weak plot with the feels of obligatory and in the perfunctory fashion.

09. The Wolverine

Released in the year 2013, trying to cover up for the first one but again lack in the creativity field and storyline.

08. X-Men: Apocalypse

The movie premiered in 2016, with a star-studded cast of Oscar Isaac and Jennifer Lawrence this movie was a blockbuster, but again it felt like most of the scenes from the franchise has been repeated in this one as well.

07. Deadpool 2

Out in the theater in the year 2018, the sequel to Deadpool wasn’t as good as the first movie due to lack of story and actors performance.

06. Logan

Released in the year 2017, considered as one of the best X-men movies in the franchise, and its has portrayed the Wolverine brilliantly, but again the movie equates with dull profundity with other X-men movies.

05. X-Men: First Class

Released in the year 2011, and is considered as one of popular movie in the X-men franchise for its plot, action, and actors.

04. Deadpool

Released in the year 2016, and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool is hands down, the best thing happened to the X-men film series. This character is too cool to hang out with other mutants. The plot, script, humor, and brilliant performance won heart of audience all over the world.

03. X-Men

Released in the year 2000, a blissful and refreshing movie for the fans to enter a new fandom all together.

02. X2: X-Men United

Released in the year 2013, the strong story, spectacular action, and brilliant performance by the actors are reason enough for the movie to be at a second place.

01. X-Men: Days of Future Past

Released in the year 2014, and can’t really emphasize on the fact that it’s the best X-Men movie in the series for its incredible story, excellent cast, stunning action sequence, and brilliant visual effects.

How many X-Men movies have you seen out of 13? If not any then it’s time you should enter the world of X-Men and find your favorite superhero character!

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