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Would Fantastic Beasts 3 have a war? Bigger than Hogwarts fight

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The adventures and fantasy-based, JK Rowling’s Harry Potter prequel ‘The Fantastic Beasts 3’ is one of the most awaited movie among the folks. After getting amazed with the second part, fans are vigorously waiting for the its sequel, but is it a worth wait? Do the next release would be more adventurous?

Citing the spoilers and insider informations, the upcoming Harry Potter prequel would emerge as a war. Without going into details, the actor who plays Newt Scamander’s friend stated that ‘Fantastic Beasts 3’ would have a war in the Wizarding World and therefore present some “epic” battle sequences.

Dan Fogler who portrayed Jacob Kowalski, and revealed the production start date, and has now shared more inside information on the film in an upcoming installment.

I can say that I have read the script and the development of the characters is really charming and very similar to the feeling of the first movie, which I think is great. It is heading towards this massive war against the backdrop of the Second World War, so you can imagine epic battle scenes looming“, Dan Fogler noted.

Fogler’s comments should be encouraging to fans of the franchise. ‘Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald’ is the least successful entry in the entire Harry Potter universe, falling short of previous box office earnings and garnering a very mixed reception.

Warner Bros. has previously promised that they would correct some of the second’s mistakes in this new movie, and it seems that one way they have decided to do so is by taking up the lighter tone of ‘The Fantastic Beasts 3’.

At the same time, it appears that the content of the action will be augmented, which only makes sense considering where the sequel stayed . Johnny Depp’s Gellert Grindelwald , who will return next time, had amassed new followers, including Jacob’s girlfriend Queenie Goldstein and Credence Barebone, alias Aurelius Dumbledore, the hitherto unknown brother of Albus.

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The Fantastic Beasts 3 was supposed to start filming last week, but obviously it is believed to have been canceled due to COVID-19 outbreak. It was originally due in November, last year. However, Warner Bros. delayed it until 2021, when the script was modified in 2020.

Speculations have suggested that that the movie would be released somewhere in the last quarter next year, considering the corona pandemic and judging by the release pattern of releasing a movie every two years.

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