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World War Z 2: Did the Sequel Release?

World War Z came out 7 years before and indeed it’s been almost as long since Paramount was said to be running on a sequel.
The zombie film, based on the story of a similar name by Max Brooks, was a blow hit at the box office with $500 million globally. The desire was always there for a sequel.

Why did not it happened yet?

Maybe it might be like the initial film and a troubled development phase will lead to an actual sequel happening. Nevertheless, we hesitate to say it, but it seems like it is a distant hope right now.

At a point, the series was listed for launch in 2017, but that time arrived and left without production even having started.
The filming was expected to start in autumn 2018 after it was driven back thanks to Brad Pitt contracting up for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Another suspension soon followed that is directed by David Fincher’s work on Mindhunter part two. This means that filming was going to start in June 2019 instead, with that launch date later pushed forward to March.

But then arrived the report that the sequence was postponed yet again as Paramount has paused pre-production on the sequel, reportedly because China, being one of the world’s biggest film markets has a taboo on zombie films, making a sequel a risky one.

The initial film was loosely based on the bestselling fiction, so predicting the plot of the sequel is a tricky job.

The initial one concluded with a flash of hope for mankind’s survival upon the undead hordes, but as Gerry Lane stated at the upshot of the film, there is more left to be done.
The novel, whose novel crosses the globe and stretches into a political future enormously changed by the zombie pandemic, allows plenty of material for the creators to draw on.

Fincher’s World War Z 2 Would Have Been Still Good?

For most creators, always there will be the one that got away. For Brad Pitt & David Fincher, it’s the sequence to 2013’s World War Z.

The great eye behind films such as Gone Girl, Se7en, and The Social Network was ready to helm World War Z -2, with Brad making come back to cast. And produce the zombie action flick. The project was gloomily canceled back in February, .

Stay tuned for more updates!!

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