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World Series Flashers, What happened in World Series with Gerrit Cole?

Two women were arrested for displaying their breasts on live television during Game 5 of the World Series. The 2nd exposed the ladies just as Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole was preparing to pitch during last night’s game against Washington.

The women were sitting only a few rows from the field, and apparently in plain sight of Cole. Cole’s delay in the pitch caused the batter to call a timeout. And apparently, it’s not ‘clear’ if Cole’s delay was caused by the flash of women or something else.

Despite the distraction attempt, the Astros won the game and took a 3 2 series lead in their best of 7 against the Nationals.

Who did it and why?

Two women and models came forward claiming credit for the stunt on social media, Julia Rose and Lauren Summer. Rose tweeted a photo of a typed letter from what appears to be from MLB saying it had been banned from all major league stadiums and facilities, indefinitely.

They attended the game with their friends and frequent collaborators Julia Rose and Kayla Lauren, who had planned the stunt to promote the Shagmag brand.

Their motivation for the stunt originally appeared to be promoting Shagmag, as the trio wore T shirts emblazoned with the magazine’s logo. In a video Rose posted on Twitter just after the camera was shown, the group promoted the magazine as well as saying “donate to breast cancer” and “save the boobies.”

Things we know about the flasher

  • Lauren Summer is a model and brand executive at Shagmag who went viral after showing off her boobs with model Julia Rose behind the plate during Game 5 of the World Series at Nationals Park.
  • Lauren Summer is a model from Apopka, Florida.
  • She moved to Los Angeles, California to become a model.
  • She is the best friend and co-worker of models Julia Rose and Kayla Lauren.
  • All three work as models and content producers at Shagmag.
  • She has also posed nude before for Playboy and is also a Dan Bilzerian company-sponsored player.

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