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World of Warcraft update, How to play the game?

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As most gamers are aware that World of Warcraft is a very old game. The game first made its debut in the year 2004 and 16 years later, it still continues with its eight expansions packs and new characters. The gamer further went on to be the highest-grossing game of all time. Last year, the vanilla version titled World of Warcraft Classic was announced. This was to give an experience to the players before more expansions. Blizzard Entertainment is the publisher and developer of the game. Rob Pardo, Jeff Kaplan and Tom Chilton are the designers.

How to play World of Warcraft and where?

The game begins by players choosing their avatars. Customising options are also available which helps you choose how your avatar should look. The player needs to select a server which can be Normal which is just fighting monsters along with completing quests and RP which is roleplay. Characters can form guilds and chat among themselves. After completing each quest, the player earns points, items and skills. The game includes different modes such as player vs player and player vs environment.

The new version of the game is on its way. World of Warcraft: Shadowland was announced on November 1, 2019. The level cap has been hanged to 60. We can expect it to be out by October of this year. The trailer of the new version has been released and looks promising. However, considering the novel pandemic, things cannot be predicted. Let’s hope for the best.

World of Warcraft is available in Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms.

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The game can be played without payment done but the players will not have access to everything. They can reach up to level 20 but after that, the player needs to pay to continue with the game. The subscription can be done for one-months, three-months or six-months. Expansion packs can be bought from online or retailers.

Privacy and parental controls

World of Warcraft offers parental controls. Time limits can be set on the playing time by parents to avoid their kids from spending a long time in front of the screens. Daily or weekly limits can be set for this. However, the parents need to enter the game with a new username or password to do so. As far as privacy is concerned, the Blizzard Entertainment respects the privacy of its players and keeps the information confidential. A player is required to login with a username and password. Although there were issues regarding privacy concerns, the company has taken care of it. After all its the virtual world and its better to take precautions before getting into troubles.

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