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Wonder Woman 1984: release date, cast and all you need to know

Wonder Woman 1984 release date has been delayed again. With the major theatre places still closed, Warner Bros has delayed the release of Wonder Woman 1984 again.  The movie has been shifted from October 2 date to late December.

This was primarily done to adjust the release of  Christopher Nolan’s Tenet. With the major theatres halls in New York and Los Angeles still being closed, they are skeptical about the release. Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction epic Tenet which was expected to make it big in the cinemas did not stand up to the expectations to lure back the audience. Warner Bros. presently has moved “Wonder Woman 1984” from Oct. 2 to Christmas.

The upcoming movie Wonder Woman 1984 is the continuation of the 2017 superhero movie, Wonder Woman. The continuation has been anticipated for long by the fans. It is the ninth instalment in the DC Extended Universe. The movie is being directed  by Patty Jenkins and screenplay is by Jenkins, Geoff Johns and David Callaham.

Wonder Woman 1984: the cast details

The cast of Wonder Woman 1984 will include:

1) Gal Gadot in the role of  Diana Prince / Wonder Woman

2) Chris Pine will be playing Steve Trevor

3) Kristen Wiig will be playing Barbara Ann Minerva / Cheetah

4) Pedro Pascal will be playing Maxwell Lord

5) Robin Wright will be playing Antiope

6) Connie Nielsen will be playing Hippolyta

Wonder Woman 1984: When is it set to release?

The idea for the sequel was proposed in 2017 and the production had begun soon after. Wonder Woman 1984 release date has been pushed back several times. The movie was to hit the theatres in December 2019 but was delayed to June 2020. It was then pushed to October and now the release date has been shifted to December 25, 2020, in the US by the Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman 1984: Plot details, what will happen?

The movie inset in 1984, during the Cold War.  Diana Prince aka the Wonder Woman will stand against Maxwell Lord and Barbara Ann Minerva.

One of the major plot twists in the upcoming movie is the return of  Steve Trevor played by Chris Pine. Trevor was reportedly died during the finale of the first movie.

Is the trailer of Wonder Woman 1984  out yet?

The trailer of Wonder Woman 1984 is now available to stream. watch it here. It defines the new era of Wonder Woman.

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