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With proper protocol L.A will resume the Hollywood productions from 12th June

Hollywood in L.A. County has got a green signal to resume its film and T.V. production work from June 12 with Safety Guidelines amid ongoing novel coronavirus.  After a couple of months, Hollywood is now getting back to work with new protocols, as the lethal spread of COVID-19  brought the whole world at a halt.

After the announcement of the California government on restarting the Hollywood productions, health officials of L.A. County have also given approval for restarting productions to Hollywood film industries.

As we know, extraordinary COVID-19 disease had laid to the worldwide lockdown for a couple of months, so like many other industries, there had been imposed restrictions on Hollywood film and T.V. production as well.

Due to novel coronavirus and the lockdown, which was imposed everywhere to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 cases and control the whole situation, Hollywood film industries have also experienced a huge loss like many other film industries.

On June 10, the announcement regarding the resuming the Hollywood production processes in L.A. County was made by The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and Department of Public Health. Apart from that, there was also made an announcement regarding the safety guidelines that it would be released by the Department of Public Health on  Thursday. Gyms, movie theaters, museums, hotels, campgrounds, and hotels will also get guidelines on June 11, and all of these would be allowed to open from Friday.

The director of the Public Health department, Dr. Barbara Ferrer, gave a statement officially regarding COVID-19   that  “A modified health officer order and directives for reopening additional businesses will be issued tomorrow with the effective date of June 12,”. And she also cleared that businesses and productions would be allowed to be reopened only when they have “implemented protocols for infection control and distancing” as the County moves into “Phase Three” of reopening.

Hence, it is decided to open everything with strict guidelines understanding the needs of people and the economic growth of the country. So, who wants to resume the work has to follow the protocols.

As we all know Los Angeles and California have lifted up the lockdown so has Georgia. In mid-May, with following the protocols to bring back safely and back to normal. L.A has opened the salon, beaches, restaurants, religious places, retail shops, and many more stores. After the blanket lockdown due to coronavirus, the comeback is really unexpected and full of precautions.

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