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Witcher season 3 cheat codes, What are the cheats to clear the game?

Witcher SEason 3
Witcher Season 3

Duplicate objects

Go to any creature nest, and loot it all in the nest saves for one object. You can leave anything, but you must leave one thing or it won’t work. Switch the camera in a 360-degree arc, or walk a small drive away from the nest, and then raid the nest again with all the things to be respawned. Reiterate this as many times as you can. For a lot of crowns, sell all the things you get from this hack.

The game has a limit of 65,535 crowns. To remain under the number to prevent missing any crowns. When you practice meditation for five days, the shops will get half their money back. Alternatively, go to the Loan Shark in Novigrad, as his money is returned any time you leave. You can even buy Florens, then he’s got more money, and then he’s only going to turn Florens to crowns at the bank in Novigrad.

Infinity Capital

This bug helps you to earn more than 1,000 crowns per minute. You have to buy shells from a merchant, disassemble them, and then market the pearls at a better profit. Next, go to the dealer at the next place on Hierarch Square in Novigrad. Buy one of his shells and shells. Then, leave the market, speak to the merchant again, and he’ll have all the shells back in order. Buy as many as you can.

If you get to Velen, you can swim straight to Novigrad or take a ferry to get there. Go to the armorer right next to the merchant, and disassemble the shells to get the pearls. Offer the pearls to the armorer until he’s out of money. Then, meditate for five days, and the armorer is going to have around 1,000 coins again. Offer the pearls back to him. Repeat this step as many times as you can. Alternatively, go to the Loan Shark in Novigrad, as his money comes back any time you leave.

Simple XP

Go to the following position in “Velen-No Man’s Land,” southwest of Novigrad. Do it under the water (near the ruined ships) and start firing at the three Level 10 Drowners with that crossbow to destroy them with one shot. After killing the three Drowners, merely switch the camera in a 360-degree loop, and they’re expected to keep redoing.

They’re protecting the nearest chest — so don’t open your chest, or the Drowners will stop spawning. If you keep firing your crossbow in the direction of the Drowners, the game would literally be automatic so that you can quickly destroy them without much effort. You’re just going to have to come up for air when you get out of breath. Tier 10 Drowners have a rating of 7 XP each. If you are Level 9, you can achieve Level 11 in 30 minutes using this form of farming.

Infinite Foods

Go to the following place at the Tordarroch Forge Clan in the Skellige Isles, and slaughter all the goats. Next, meditate on the goats for an hour to breed. If they don’t reappear, practice meditation for another hour. Destroy one of the goats again. Repeat this step as many times as you can. Then, rob all the goat corpses to get a lot of goat milk, beef, and goatskin.

Run Infinity

While you’re sprinting, jump right before your stamina is empty, and then release [burst of speed]. If you land, your endurance would be full or near to full. Click [Sprint] again a second after you land. If paced right, you’re not going to lose your speed.

Extra storage space

Using the accompanying trick to store things that you don’t want to bring in your warehouse. Join the Skellige Inn and go to the corner of the place. Drop all of the things at once and they will appear like a bag on the floor. You will get them back anytime you wish. To add something more to the stack, pick up the bag and drop it again after it has an extra piece.

Feline Witcher set the position of the gear

The collection of Feline Witcher gear can be found in Novigrad (Scavenger Hunt: Animal School Gear). It consists of 7 pairs—4 pairs of armor, 2 swords, and 1 crossbow. Simply gather all of the pieces to launch a treasure hunt (you don’t need to accept a quest — just go to any of the locations seen in the video and gather the diagram). The maximum amount of characters is 14.

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Ursine (Enhanced) Witcher gear sets the locations

Effective solution (upgraded) Ursine Witcher equipment set (heavy armor) can be discovered in Skellige (Scavenger Hunt: Bear School Gear Upgrade Diagrams). It consists of six parts — four shield parts and two swords. You can’t upgrade the crossbow. You will purchase maps for this scavenger hunt from the Kaer Trolde and Oxenfurt armorers. You must render upgrades to the armorer or blacksmith after obtaining upgrade diagrams.

You must also set the Standard Ursine gear to upgrade to the Upgraded version. Every armor set has four levels: Regular, Upgraded, Superior, and Mastercrafted. The maximum amount of characters is 22.

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