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Will we ever get World War Z 2? Tap to explore more

World War Z, an action zombie movie directed by Marc Forster. The story was based on a novel written by Max Brooks in the same name. This film was released on 21 June 2013 and was a great hit in the box office. A story about how a former United Nations employee fights against the people who are infected by a virus, that turns humans into zombies to save his family and friends. After the release of World War Z part one, the movie was renewed for the second part. It is one of the much-anticipated films but the film never happened. Read further to know why the film World War Z 2 never happened. 

What was World War Z about?  

In the first part, they found out a temporary solution which was their last hope. They found out that, if the survivors think they are sick or dying then the zombies will leave them alone. And by using this they led to the development of a vaccine. Gerry finally reunited with his family in Nova Scotia after fighting against zombies to rescue his soldier friend Israeli. 

The stars of World Was Z

Brad Pitt protested the role of Gerry Lane, Mireille Enos played as Karin Lane, Daniella Kertesz played as Segen, James Badge played as Captain Speke, Matthew Foz played as Parajumper, David Morse as Ex CIA agent, Sterling Jenis as Constance Lane and Ruth Negga played as the doctor. 

If the second part happens, then we can expect Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos to return to reprise their role as Gerry Lane and Karin Lane. 

Will there be World War z 2?

World War Z part one was a great hit. The second part of World War Z was initially planned to release in 2017 and later the date was pushed further to 2018. But still, there was no improvement in the production work of the movie. And again, due to Brad Pitt’s commitments, the movie was rescheduled to release in 2019. But later the work was put to an end by the Paramount, as China banned the Zombie type movies. So, as of now, it’s safe to expect nothing about World War Z 2. The chance of getting a sequel is so low and yet there is no further information on World War Z 2. Stay connected with us to get further updates on World War Z 2.  


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