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Will UnOrdinary get an anime and is the webtoon worth reading?

UnOrdinary anime

Apart from dramas, South Koreans enjoy webtoons. They are a form of digital comics. UnOrdinary is one of the webtoons that stand out just like its title suggests. The webtoon has received many positive feedbacks from its audience and is worth reading. Moreover, the fans are even signing petitions for the webtoon to be released as an anime. UnOrdinary first released on 24 May 2016. The webtoon has a total of 187 episodes. Uru Chan is the creator of this Sci-fi webtoon that captured the hearts of its audience who are now desperate to see it in the form of an anime. Read more to see updates regarding the anime version.

What to expect from UnOrdinary?

UnOrdinary has a large audience and has been in the limelight because of its plot. The fans have already signed petitions to turn it into an anime. Moreover, the webtoon already has more than 200 episodes which are enough to feature as an anime. What more does the team want? All we need is someone to take up the webtoon and start its production. Tower of God and God of High were other webtoons that have been licensed by Crunchyrolls and so they are expected to take up UnOrdinary as well. If everything goes well, we can expect it by 2021 or 2022. There is a high chance for the anime to hit the screens. However, a trailer has been released but that does not confirm anything as of now.

The webtoon is based on the life of John Doe. He is a teenager studying at Wellston Private High School. This is no ordinary school, the students here possess some power. To the disappointment of everyone, John does not possess any power. The school is controlled by the King, Queen and Ace to maintained order and discipline. John is treated badly by everyone in his school due to his lack of power but he also made a friend in one of the fights. However, we come to realize that the protagonist possesses a secret that can make him superior to everyone else. What could it be?

The characters of the webtoon are John who is the protagonist, Seraphina who is Wellston’s Ace, Arlo who is the King, Remi, the queen of Wellston, Cecile, Blyke and Elaine.

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When can we expect UnOrdinary anime?

There has not been any confirmation from the team. However, we can still expect it to be released anytime soon. All the webtoon needs is a company to take it up and the fans are hoping Crunchyroll to take this initiative. They have licensed other webtoons like TOG and God of High. However, if everything happens according to plan, we can expect the anime to come out in the next two years.


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