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Will there be Too Hot To Handle Season 2: Release Date and What to Expect

Netflix just launched a dating show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and it became instant hit and talk of the town. The island-based reality dating show featured contestants from all around the globe where they met each other in order to develop a deeper emotional connection within one month of their stay in the retreat.

Too Hot To Handle was launched on April 17, 2020, and it featured a total of 8 episodes. Netflix dropped all the 8 episodes together that enabled viewers to binge-watch the show amid lockdown.

The show is about a group of 12 solitary individuals all living with each other in an attractive island resort, where they can learn more about one another, take place dates as well as see if they can find love on the program. Nevertheless, the one specification is that none of the participants are allowed to have any type of sexual interaction. This can imply anything from kissing to really making love, leaving them all with absolutely nothing to do however to be familiar with everyone on a much deeper level that’s greater than just physical.

Breaking the rule meant penalty and deduction from the prize money of $100,000 (₤ 80,000). When they all first shown up on the island, none of them understood what was going to happen as well as simply assumed it was dating show to locate love while on holiday. Little did they recognize that they were all chosen from around the world as a result of their inability to make a commitment. So just 12 hours after starting to get physically closer to one another, the bombshell was dropped to every one of their aggravating.

Few participants could not resist which resulted in penalties. We are leaving it up to users on what happened in the show withing their one month stay. In the end, everyone emerged as the winner and a total prize money of $75000 USD was distributed among 10 remaining participants in the show.

Will there be another series of Too Hot To Handle?

Too Hot to Handle is the first series of its kind. Although Netflix has not yet announced the release of the second part of Too Hot To Handle, but we can easily assume its sequel to come riding on the back of the success of season 1.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Release Date

Since Netflix monitors the performance of a show for a month before committing to the making of any sequel, there is no detail on launch the second season. Also, due to Cornoavirus lockdown, the shooting of sequel would get delayed. If Netflix plans a sequel, then we can assume that Too Hot To Handle season 2 would be released around October 2021.

Too Hot To Handle Trailer

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