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Will there be a Grand Blue season 2 or is it cancelled?

Grand Blue season 2

Most anime fans around the world and fans of Grand Blue especially have been eagerly waiting for news regarding the show. Grand Blue first premiered on July 14, 2018. The show was first released as a manga and then turned to series. This comedy anime had so much potential according to its fans. The audience is putting in efforts to convince the studio for releasing a Grand Blue season 2. Zero-G, a Japanese anime studio made the manga into a series. Shinji Takamatsu is the writer and director of the show. Grand Blue has so far released 12 episodes.

However, most animes take time to renew and so the fans will have to wait until further updates are given by the team. If the show will be renewed considering the popularity of it, we can expect it by 2021 end. Along with this, the first season has only covered the first five volumes. Grand Blue still has enough content left to cover from the manga.

Grand Blue season 2: What will happen next?

This comedy anime revolves around the life of a fresher student name Iori Kitahara. After joining his new college, he moves into his Uncle’s diving shop. While being there, he comes across members of a local diving club to which he gets invited by them. However, Iori is hesitant initially but later gives in and turns his life into a party. Iori who came to lead a life of normalcy is apparently not given that. The next season can be expected to start from the sixth volume. We might see the boys get into a Women’s University school in the new season. Further, we might witness development in the life of Iori and Chisa.

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Other updates on season 2

There has been no official announcement regarding the renewal of the series. However, the fans are stubborn about having a new season for The Grand Blue. They have also signed petitions for this. Along with this, the studio does not have much lined up for next year and so we can expect a Grand Blue season 2. The show also has good popularity and potential.

The same cast is expected to show up once again along with new faces. This may include Yuma Uchida as Iori Kitahara, Ryohei Kimura as Kohei Imamura, Hiroki Yasumoto as Shinja Tokita, Chika Anzai as Chisa, Katsuyuki Konishi as Ryujiro Kotobuki along with the other side characters.


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