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Will There Be a Frozen 3? This is What we Know so Far


Although it received mixed reviews, Frozen 2’s Box Office earnings alone are a good reason as to why it would make perfect sense for Disney to make Frozen 3. They probably already have plans underway, even though Jennifer Lee, writer, director, and chief creative officer of Walt Disney Studios stated in an interview that Frozen 2 might be the end of the road for the franchise. However, for those optimistic fans, that did not seem like a definitive no, and as far as they’re concerned Frozen 3 is a done deal. Here’s what we know so far.

When Can We Expect Frozen 3?

There was a six-year gap between the first two movies, at that rate, it would be safe to assume that Frozen 3 if it ever does end up being made, will release sometime around the year 2025. So it seems that it will be quite a while before we see Elsa on the big screen again, here’s hoping that Disney somehow surprises us with an early release.

Expect a trailer to release a month or so before the actual release of the movie.

Who’s in It?

 Kristen Bell as Anna, Idina Menzel as Elsa, Josh Gad as Olaf, and Jonathan Groff as Kristoff (and Sven) will most likely be reprising their iconic roles, Frozen wouldn’t be Frozen without them.

Other familiar faces that might possibly return are Sterling K Brown as Mattias, Jason Ritter as Northuldra member Ryder, Rachel Matthews as Ryder’s sister Honeymaren and Ciarán Hinds as Rock Trolls leader Pabbie.

Let us remind you that this is all just speculation, and can not be confirmed since Disney hasn’t yet officially announced Frozen 3.

What Frozen 3 Might be About

Frozen 2 focusses on Elsa’s journey to find the source of her powers, while simultaneously revealing the secrets of Arendelle’s past.

However, the movie continually reminds the audience of Prince Hans, the main antagonist in the Frozen movies.

Anna now rules Arendelle as its Queen and Elsa is entrusted with looking after the Enchanted Forest. It may be possible that the franchise may introduce a new villain aiming to disrupt the peace between the two kingdoms of the sisters, or Frozen 3 might end its arc by bringing Hans back. We might also get to see Elsa as a mother.


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