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Will There Be A Cars 4?

The first Cars movie followed the life of a talking race car called Lightning McQueen.

Pixar has been able to garner a lot of success around its movie, ‘Cars.’ The animated movie revolves around the life of a talking race car, which goes by the name of ‘Lightning McQueen.’ The character is voiced by none other than our very own Owen Wilson. The first movie showcases how the car gets lost in a desert town while exploring. The ultimate plot of the movie is where the car now must race and complete community service before he can return home. The movie also showcases ‘Lightning McQueen’ as eventually falling in love with a small-town car after spending quality time with the residents of the town.

While Cars may not be as highly acclaimed as the other movies for Pixar such as Toy Story or Monsters Inc, it surely did bring a lot of success. The movie is boosting numerous great characters including the legendary Paul Newman and Michael Keaton, who is famous for playing a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Cars spin-off details

Regardless of whether there have been numerous parts of the movie, Pixar is sure to make the most from the Cars franchise. There have been multiple spinoffs that have been launched wherein these characters are showcased. The movie is released in the form of short films, video games and even consists of a sibling, Planes.

The first two instalments of Cars were a massive success. However, when it came to the third film, it ended up failing to meet the expectations that were set. While it was a box-office success, the number that is was able to generate in terms of revenue, had gone noticeably down. To recall, the second Cars movie was only able to accumulate roughly $560 million back in 2011. Following which, when Cars 3 released, they were only able to make $380 million. When talking about the franchise, the graphs seems to be dipping. Technically speaking, they should bring Cars to a halt for now.

Cars 4 to feature Cruz Ramirez

In order to ensure that the movie is a success, Pixar may have to change up a few things. Starting from the script, they will also have to introduce fresh characters. In other words, it would mean that we would have to say goodbye to our beloved main lead, Owen Wilson. At the same time, there are rumours that suggest that Cruz Ramirez maybe debuting as the main lead this time. Replacing Owen Wilson’s character, he is scheduled to take up the role of Lightning’s trainer.

Pixar is avoiding creating sequels

While rumours regarding a fourth possible film are still in pipeline, it remains to be seen whether Pixar decides to invest in this franchise further. According to a recent report, Pixar is attempting to step away from creating sequels of its original films as it seems to be taking away from the essence of the movie.

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