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Will there be a Bonding season 2 in netflix or is the show cancelled?

Bonding season 2

When the show was first aired, it had received mixed responses from its audience. It was criticized for lack of authenticity and was also praised for presenting a different story. An interesting fact is that the show is based on a real-life story from the creator’s own life. Rightor Doyle is the creator of the show. The Bonding first aired on April 24, 2019. The last season concluded with 7 episodes. The fans are eager to know about updates regarding Bonding season 2 on Netflix.

However, the good news was received earlier this year that Netflix has asked for a season 2. The release date or further updates has not been provided and the fans are coming up with many speculations. It is likely to come up early next year. The team has shared their excitement with the audience to unravel a new chapter in the life of the characters. The new season will have eight episodes. Read to find out more updates.

What is the storyline of Bonding?

The show is based on two best friends, Tiff and Pete. The former is a psychology student who works as a dominatrix and the other who becomes her assistant. They deal with problems revealing their identity and professions and also their love life. The first season had Tiff going out with Doug, her classmate whom she connected with after a date. Pete is with Josh and is trying to develop his career as a stand-up comedian but in the meanwhile struggling with his stage fright. Bonding season 2 will show more developments in the life of these characters. Moreover, a thriller element was added to the story when a new client was stabbed and so this mystery will b solved in Bonding season 2.

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More updates on Bonding season 2

The show was renewed in January 2020. It is expected to air with 8 episodes. The show can be expected in early 2021. However, the team is excited to come up with a new story for Tiff and Pete.

The same cast is expected to return for another season. Zoe Levin as Tiff and Brendan Scannell as Pete are expected to once again play the lead role. Alex Hurt as Frank, Micah Stock as Doug, Theo Stockman as Josh, D’Arcy Carden as Daphne, Stephanie Styles as Kate, Eric Berryman as Andy, Gabrielle Ryan as Portia, Charles Gould as Fred. Nothing is confirmed as yet but we can also expect the others like Cat, Murphy, Chelsea, Trevor, and Rolph to join.

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