Will the Professor die in Money Heist season 5 or Alicia Sierra join the robber’s gang?

Money Heist or ‘La Casa de Papel’ is the most popular Spanish crime drama television series. In quarantine days, season 3 and season 4 of this fascinating series were released by Netflix, while the first two seasons of this highly-rated series Money Heist were resealed on Antena 3. All the season of this series has dropped a huge impact on viewers’ minds and received immense love and massive admiration from the audiences. Apart from this, it has also become one of the best and highly rated Spanish crime drama television series, which has not only been admired by the lovers but critics too.

The fourth season of this much popular Spanish crime drama television series ‘La Casa de Papel’ was released on April 8, 2020, and ended dramatically which created so many questions and confusion in everybody’s mind.

After the dramatic ending of season 4, it is rumored that the most beloved character, the Professor played by Alvaro Morte, will die in the ‘La Casa de Papel’ season 5. Since Money Heist has had a number of awful fatalities during its time on air so far, one being especially hard at Part 4. Now the fan has found a trend of this Spanish series that might reveal who was next to be killed.

Will the ProfessorProfessor die in Money Heist season 5?

The ending of the season 4 of the most engrossing Spanish series Money heist is not quite clear as it was shown in the last part that our favorite robber’s gang managed by sneak Lisbon (Itziar Ituno) are still stuck in the Bank of Spain. Whereas the Alicia Sierra played by famous Spanish actress, Najwa Nimri discovered the secret place of Professor. She warned the Professor with holding a gun to his head and said, “it was all over,” and the season ended.

So, the bewildering ending of the Money Heist season 4 has left the fans very worried about the fate of the beloved character.

However, nothing has been disclosed about the fate of the Professor yet. Fans are assuming that the major character of the series will die. This predictable fan theory revolves around the afterlife scene at the end of episode six of Money Heist Season 4.

Will inspector Alicia Sierra join the robber’s gang in the next season of Money Heist?

Fans are also expecting that inspector Alicia Sierra will join the Professor’s gang as similar to the last season in which the inspector Raquel Murillo portrayed by Itziar Ituño, joined our favorite robber’s crew and became the ladylove of the astute Professor.

In the season, Alicia Sierra was betrayed by the authorities and government, and being a widow and pregnant, fans are predicting that the next season will also follow the same trend and Alicia Sierra will join the Professor’s gang. However, nothing has been disclosed about this. There is a fan theory that predicts the same.