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Will the Duo Return to Hello Mini 2?

Hello Mini – an Indian web drama show with a mixture of thriller and mystery. The series covers various themes of crime, romance, terror, and said as an erotic drama TV series. It is exclusively directed by Faruk Kabir. It is displayed on MX Player. You can binge-watch there.

When is Hello Mini Returning?

‘Hello Mini’ part 2 will be launched out soon around October 2020. There is no official announcement made yet, but by seeing the previous pattern of the series, it is our speculated date.

What is the show all about?

The story is about a girl named Mini, who is with her boyfriend and a supportive family. She then unveils her life to be in danger when she is cognizant of a stalker after she moves to Mumbai.

The stalker is an unknown interesting character of the show. We have no idea of his name or voice or facial features. He only communicates through a text. This stalker takes each move with the motive of restraining Mini’s life and continues to threaten her in all means.

Weirdly, the stalker does help Mini in times of need and meets his demands which even helps the society. Fans & viewers kept on guessing and still doing as who the stalker is, and that is what is keeping the shows’ excitement alive. The series was filled with all sorts of mind games.

The previous five chapters are said to be the best ones. Privacy violation is taken to another range in the show. From the beginning itself, many shocking incidents came out, which also included some sensual assault scenes. The series has plenty of encounters, which may turn some of the spectators off.
Segment 2 will be quite more interesting & thrilling, which will draw in a tricky plot exposing the identity of the stalker who was controlling Mini’s life since then.

Who can make a return now?

All the talented cast with recur in the forthcoming part. Which includes Arjun Aneja as Prateek Bastia,
Priya Banerjee as Ishita,
Gaurav Chopra as Aditya Grover,
Mrinal Dutt as Danny Abraham,
Anuja Joshi as Rivanah Bannerjee,
Ankur Rathee as Abhiraj Mukherjee,
Anshul Pandey.
We might get to see some new faces in the second part.

Lets’ wait for a while for any announcements.

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