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Will Pixar Make Toy Story 5? What Will it be About?

Toy Story 5

The Toy Story series of movies is probably Pixar’s most popular, so much so that even adults who watched the first movie as kids still show up to the theatres every time a new Toy Story movie is out. So far there are 4, and now fans are in anticipation of Toy Story 5.

Here’s what we know so far.

Will There be a Toy Story 5? When Might it Come Out?

When asked of the matter, Pixar neither confirmed nor denied the fifth installment to the movies, which came as a relief to optimistic fans who are happy as long as Pixar doesn’t officially cancel the movies.

The release of Toy Story 5 seems a little far fetched, but so did the release of Toy Story 4 when it was presumed that Toy Story 3 was the perfect ending to the franchise. Therefore, we have plenty of reason to hope for the fifth movie. As for Pixar’s point of view, it would make sense to continue making the movies if they have enough plot material and if the movies are earning well at the Box Office, because why not?

As for an estimated date of release, considering that Toy Story 5 is actually sanctioned, taking into account that Toy Story 4 came out nine years after Toy Story 3, it will be quite some time before we may get to see a potential Toy Story 5. Especially now since the pandemic has hit the brakes hard on a world that was once full throttle.

What Will it Be About?

Since Toy Story 5 hasn’t actually been renewed (yet), it would be impossible to guess the plot of the next movie, especially since Toy Story 4 in itself was a perfect ending to the series.

One thing is for sure though, as long as the writers don’t think they have a complete and fulfilling plot in their hands so that the movie can do justice to its characters, they won’t release the fifth iteration of Toy Story.


Who Will be in it?

In the off chance Toy Story 5 is actually made, a lot of familiar faces will most likely return. Namely: 

Tom Hanks giving voice to Woody

Tim Allen giving voice to Buzz lightyear

Madeleine McGraw giving voice to Bonnie

Christina Hendricks giving voice to Gabby Gabby

Keanu Reeves giving voice to Duke Kaboom

Jordan Peele giving voice to Bunny

Annie Potts giving voice to Bo Peep

Ally Maki giving voice to Giggle McDimples

Tony Hale giving voice to Forky

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