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Will Gravity Falls ever return with Season 3?

Gravity falls is also one of the anime series which was a super hit since it was broadcasted in Disney. Though the before episodes were not aired irregularly the viewers never let down the love and support for this series. It’s one of the life and a witty cartoon that is ever made. This show still has a loyal fanbase.

When will Disney confirm about the renewal of gravity falls season 3? Will we ever get season 3 for gravity falls? Will the gravity falls season 3 canceled forever? These are the questions the fans are trying to seek answers. The loyal one still believes that they will install season 3 for it. Let’s see it will happen or not.

It is an animated comedy series. This series was released on 15 June 2012 and was telecasted in Disney channel. This show was created by Alex Hirsch for Disney. The season was released from 1st August 2014 to 15th February 2016. Both the season was an enormous blow and the people furthermore endorsed the show. It lived critically applauded. Since then the viewers are waiting for the next season.

Is Gravity Falls Season 3 canceled?

The story was virtually about the epic summer journey so the story was automatically ended with an epic adventure. In 2015 the creator Alex Hirsch informed that he will conclude the story in the second season itself and not attracted to dragging it further. He moreover said that he has his own justification behind it. He said that he was never planning to do season 3 and was planning to end the show with the second season itself. He wanted to end the show in its own way. He could have easily dragged the series if he wanted but he didn’t want to mess with the storyline. He just wanted to end the show with a promising edge.

Can we get any extras? Gravity Falls Season 3

The first two seasons were quite good in all aspects. The creator said that he never wanted to stop working on this project and also he was so addicted to this. Though the makers are not up to season three of gravity falls but there is always a room for getting some extras. A novel was back in 2018 The release of gravity falls lost legends. Though it was not a third season they were impressed that at least the series is not over completely. So the third season is only pausing for approval from Disney.

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