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Will Destiny 3 Happening in 2020? What are the updates of game?

Destiny 3 – It is an online multiplayer first-person shooter video game previously published by Activision and developed by Bungie. Now, the game is self-published by Bungie after parting from Activision in 2019.

Is there the next update for the Destiny 3 game?

Bungie (the game developer) took to Twitch recently to report on Destiny 2’s forthcoming releases and advancement plans. The survey revealed the new direction of the game where does it is heading towards and how will the company plan to sustain it till 2022.

Sadly, there are no current plans for a Destiny 3 launch.

Sadly NO, Bungie explained

Bungie has several plans for this year, but according to the blog entry, Destiny 3 ain’t one of them. This means – the launch date for the upcoming Destiny series will not be happening anytime in the coming year. The prop references time beyond 2020.

This might be an indicator that Destiny 3 might not happen in 2021 either, even though Destiny 3 progress is already underway according to some source known for their honesty in Destiny leaks.

But fans & all the gamers of the franchise will have to remain too long for fresh content to appear for Destiny 2. Beginning today, a new seasonal update called Seasons of Arrival is likely to arrive on all significant platforms.

This will have gamers traveling a new dungeon and some new activities as well that may intros’ the Beyond Light expansion well. That had released in September.

The prime real use of this new feature had Bungie returning back the Vault of Glass raid which is considered to be the first raid ever in the Destiny play.

Lastly, he inscribes the future of the Destiny franchise in regards to the forthcoming next-generation consoles of Microsoft and Sony.

The company shows complete support for the forthcoming consoles. It also will be giving some free upgrades for present owners of the game, regardless of what platform it is.

Though there has no exact launch date stated about Destiny 3. Gamers have a good idea of what now to expect from their leftover time with Destiny 2. One is currently available on Xbox One, PC, Google Stadia, and PlayStation 4.

We’ll get back soon immediately when there’s an official announcement. Stay tuned till then!!

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