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Will Alan, Phil, and Doug be back on The Hangover Part IV?

The Hangover is an American comedy genre film series, created by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, and directed by Todd Phillips.  

The first part of The Hangover franchise was released on May 30, 2009.

The second part of Hangover got its released date on 26th May 2011. 

The film was considered as one of the best comedies as it focuses on how the friends try to handle the consequence of their stunts while they are being humiliated and sometimes physically beaten. The films were released world widely from the year 2009 to 2013.

When will The Hangover 4 movie appear?   

The last part of the franchise was Hangover part III, which was released on May 23rd, 2013. 

There is not even one rumor or talk about the fourth part of the Hangover franchise. But we can expect as a fan because of its mass popularity, there is still a likelihood for part IV. The actor Phillips is presently engaged in the Joker 2 filming, without him, the hangover part IV will not do good for the fans. However, Ed Helm stated that “I would say the chances are between zero to zero. It would put up with peace in the Middle East for me to do Hangover part 4”. Even Bradley Cooper agreed that “It’s Over. ”

So it’s official by the stars of the film franchise, that there is no or slight possibility of The Hangover Part 4. 

What can we encounter in The Hangover Part 4? 

The film series focuses on the misadventures of a quartet of friends aka Wolfpack comprising Phil, Alan, Stu, and Doug, head on a road trip to attend a bachelor party of one of their friends. 

All parts find three of the four men on a mission to find this missing friend, the first two parts focus on the events following a night of debauchery before a party in Las Vegas and Bangkok. Meanwhile, the third and final parts involve a road trip and a kidnapping instead of a bachelor party. 

Who can we see again in Hangover Part 4? 

  • Bradley Cooper is played as Phil Wenneck 
  • Ed Helms is playing as Stu Price
  • Zach Galifianakis is played as Alan Garner 
  • Doug Billings’s role is performed by Justin Bartha and 
  • Leslie Chow’s role is acted by Ken Jeong 

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