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Will ‘Aladdin 2’ happen ? Know everything about ‘Aladdin 2’

Aladdin is an American adventure fantasy movie. A love story of a young thief falling in love with Princess Jasmine with the help of a magical Genie. The story was directed by Guy Ritchie. Aladdin was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and television.

The story was released on 25 May 2019 in India. And it was a great success. Aladdin is a musical dreamy love story and was immensely popular for his fantasy storyline. Recently, there is news that the movie will get a sequel. Get to the information about the upcoming sequel of Aladdin.

The story of Aladdin 2

In the first part, they show Aladdin and Jasmine met each other. Then Jasmine decides to get a break from her princess life by travelling with Aladdin. During their journey, they find a magical lamp in which there is Genie. The Genie offers to fulfil three desires and Aladdin uses the first to become a price to hide his true identity. But then, Jafar steals the lamp from them. The rest of the journey is about how they save their people from Jafar.

The plot of the second part is not confirmed yet. Disney has announced that John Gatins and Andrea Berloff will be joining together for the story of the second part. They have combined together for the first time and we can expect no less from them in any trait. Part two will be probably from the animated version of Aladdin which was released in 1992. And it may also show the return of Jafar.  It may be slightly varied from the original.

The voice cast of Aladdin 2

As per the tradition, the main cast will be returning to the next sequel also. That includes Mena Massoud who will be playing the role of Aladdin, Naomi Scott who will be playing the role of Princess Jasmine, Will Smith will reprise his role as the Genie, Marwan Kenzari will be returning as Jafar and Navid Negahban will return as the Sultan. 

The expected release date of Aladdin 2

Currently, there is news about the exact release date of part two. The Disney studio has recently announced the confirmation of part two of Aladdin. The film is in the early stages of development and we will not get any details about part two till next year. The second part may be knocked over after 2023 or further later. We have to wait patiently for additional information. 


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