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Wild: Can we expect the game coming in this year?

Wild, the much-waited PS4 exclusive collection from the creator of Rayman, Michel seems like still to happen. Wild is a forthcoming game which is developed by the French developer Wild Sheep Studio. It is an open-world survival game full of adventures. The game was initially decided in the year 2014 at Gamescom. It is to be released on Playstation 4. As said by DLCompare, some new images of the game were surfaced in April 2020. It seems like the game is still in its developing form. The game comes in both single and multi-player modes. The gamers are really hopeful about the game releasing soon in the year. Are we going to see the release of the wild anytime soon?

What is the gameplay of Wild?

The setting of the Wild is during the prehistoric period (mostly 10,000–2,500 BC). Set in a methodically generated world of apparently of infinite size. Inside the world of game, the player takes control of a human being. He/she can use tiny animals to keep an eye on others. And the bigger animals can be used to support the player. The animals in this way can help the players and their tribe in war with other human beings. Players can control animals by using the shamanic powers.

A trailer for the gameplay was released in 2014 as well as 2015. The development work of the game started back in 2014. Initially the makers thought of a different setting of the game. A large continent sized play space, purely open for the players. There were weather changes and various dynamic happenings. The player was to given the ability and chance of taking up any wild animal in the world and play.

Is the game coming on PS4 this year?

It’s now been more than five years since the announcement done for PlayStation 4 exclusive game Wild. It was done among huge fan crowd at Gamescom 2014. The fans have been wondering since then – whether the game is still happening?

The game wild is still having an official page in the Playstation 4. It makes it more obvious that the game is still on board. We are still not sure of the game being cancelled. Since the remark that the game will release, fans and players are eagerly waiting. Playstation 4 also seems to be not much vocal about it. There are many images and some trailers of the game in the page. But there is no proper trace of the release date.

In wild’s official page of Facebook, there are some pictures of the sound producer of wild sheep studios. They are in no proper terms about the game. A work session video is also there. Though there has been no official announcement done for the release of the game, there is also no remarks on the fact that the game stands cancelled. The game was to release in 2020.  But it seems not much possible now. We can still hope to have the game come on PS4 anytime in 2021 if it is to release.

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