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Why was Brenda Biya trolled and what was her reply? Click to explore

Brenda Biya is the daughter of the president of Cameroon, Paul Biya. Brenda Biya’s mother is Chantal Biya, the third First Lady Of Cameroon. Brenda Biya was born in 1998 at Etoudi Palace. She envisions a music career and has also launched a song. In 2020, she was under medication for her eyesight. And recently she was trolled in the social media for her eyes. Why was she trolled and what was her reply? Here we have updates about the early life, career and the latest updates about Brenda Biya. 

 Early life of Brenda Biya

Brenda Biya attended her schooling at the Les Coccineller Complex. She studied in a special school made for the presidency of Cameroon. And joined a private school for the children of the presidents. In some of her videos, she shared that she is in a relationship. In 2019, she updated in her Instagram story that she suffers from Graves disease and thyroid disorders. 

Career of Brenda Biya

Brenda Biya is interested in music. And she also very active at social media. Brenda likes many African artists like Locko. In April 2020, she launched an online store for the sale of hairpieces named Bree Culture Inc Shopping. 

Brenda Biya’s reactions to the trolls

In 2020, there were updates that Brenda Biya is at the risk of losing her eye. Brenda was suffering from a disorder due to which her thyroid hormones are expressly produced. Due to which her she has swelling eyes. Eye swelling is one of the symptoms for her medical issues. Is also causes changes in vision and eye irritation.

Brenda Biya is now under the medication to reduce the counts of her thyroid hormones as there is no cure for this disease. And in recent times, she was trolled for her big eyes. And Brenda replied to the troller’s stating that ” I don’t want the disease graves disease to a person. But I think sometimes, I would like you to understand. You make fun of someone who has a defect to a disease! It shows the blackness of your souls and your jealousy”. She updated this in her Instagram story. After this update, the trolls were reduced for Brenda Biya. And recently, Brenda updated about her online shop named Bree Culture Inc Shopping that’s sales wigs and craft works. 


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