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Why Is Ugliest K-Pop Idols Trending? Everything You Need To Know

Why Is Ugliest K-Pop Idols Trending?

Why Is Ugliest K-Pop Idols Trending? This is one of the most asked questions nowadays and people are shocked to hear that there is a big community that hates K-Pop idols because of no reason., Scroll down to know all about this trend.

The popularity of Kpop is growing every day. It is a fiercely competitive sector, and getting a footing requires a lot of tenacity and work. Before making their debut, idols get training from their agencies. Before a group performs, they are often groomed, and this training may last for years. This fashion is not new. Again, idols have come under fire despite any physical alterations. Trolls frequently attack idols because of their appearance.

Hate On BTS’s RM Since Fame:

Why Is Ugliest K-Pop Idols Trending?

Hateful remarks have been made against RM of BTS ever since his debut.

He wore spectacles to shield his eyes. Without a doubt, his most stunning trait is his eyes. He’s been made fun of a lot for his appearance. J-Hope from BTS also got harsh remarks regarding his images. Without a doubt, we concur. He is the BTS dancing captain in addition to being gorgeous. He has been nicknamed the sunshine because he excels at radiating joy.

Why do people think Umji of GFriend is ugly?

Umji was reportedly referred to be “the ugliest female idol in K-Pop history” by Knet when she first made her debut. She has plump cheeks, a round face, and a little hefty build. Even if her steady talent is sufficient to compensate for her lack of looks, Umji still struggles with stage fright. In an effort to avoid being photographed, she was frequently seen with her head down or hiding behind her friends.

Why Is Ugliest K-Pop Idols Trending?

Such remarks can never be tolerated, and such fashions may be harmful to idols’ mental health. Even though they are well-known, it does not give you the right to criticize them for things that are unrelated to them and over which they have no influence. Beauty is never only about outward looks; it also has a lot to do with someone’s whole attitude. One may have their own preferences. But just because someone doesn’t fit into one person’s idea of beauty doesn’t give them the right to denigrate the other. Every person is lovely in their own unique way.


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