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Why is Facebook the first choice of smart businesses?

Despite what people say about Facebook, you can always rely on Facebook to expand your business and reach people all over the world as Facebook continues to be the best social media platform and garb more than 1 billion people daily.

Businesses who know its potential try many ways to get Facebook likes.

Let’s discuss the benefits of having a business page on Facebook.

Worldwide reach

2.5 billion in a month, and 1.66 billion people everyday use Facebook from all over the globe. Having a Facebook page is an excellent way to increase awareness and reach a massive number of potential customers.

If you don’t have to do with the worldwide reach, it’s still the best to reach people in your community, area, or region.

Below are some statistics for you to clarify why Facebook is the best choice.

  • 2.5 billion monthly active, and its year over year growth is 8%
  • 1.66 billion daily, and its year over year growth is 9%
  • 2.26 billion family daily, and its year over year growth is 11%
  • US or Canada contribute only 10% of the Facebook
  • 65 is the fastest-growing age group
  • Facebook users in the US use the site for 1.25 hrs on average

Get access to the enormous number of emails

People liking your page is not enough for a business to grow to ultimate heights; what if Facebook stops operating one day or reduces its features of doing business.

Being a smart business, it’s highly recommended for you to collect as many emails as possible, so you will have options to contact your community out of Facebook.

The ways of collecting emails are contests, giveaway events, and newsletter services. It’s a sure shot formula for success through Facebook.

But be careful about how you use these features, spam your fans with your products’ daily emails, and other useless things.

Email them once in a while with the information they have signed up for so that the emails lead your fans to your website.

No need for expensive offline marketing

Creating a business page on Facebook doesn’t cost you any penny. You might pay a graphic designer for a profile and cover photo, but that’s not a necessity.

Facebook’s pricing for advertising is also minimal and affordable, with which you can reach an audience according to your needs. Facebook helps you target an audience on the basis of gender, region, age, color, interests, and many more options.

If you are a small business or an individual, advertising through Facebook is the best choice to reach your goal.

With Facebook, you can know your audience 

You gain insights into your audience with the help of Facebook. And Facebook provides you a feature for analyzing this; there’s a Facebook insights section on your Facebook business page.

These facebook insights are so incredibly designed that they are very easy to understand for a person with zero technical knowledge. And they provide ample information about your customers.

Below are some of the features of Facebook insights:

  • Display page views
  • Gives you information about post reach
  • How many new likes have your page gained

And many more, there’s a whole section of your fans’ demographics, how your favorite posts are performing out in the world of Facebook.

And if you want to analyze the specifics deeply then, there’s an option to download these insights helping you dive into the matters.

Compared to the ads that you run in your local newspapers, it’s like living in the future; you were never provided with such insights in newspaper ads.

Helps in building brand loyalty

Facebook is not just a place to create a page and run ads; it’s a beautiful tool to build your brand loyalty. If you are consistent in making valuable and entertaining content, you will find your followers stay loyal to you even if you commit any mistake along the way.

People nowadays search online before buying anything from any site, and it is often they look to social media.

Your followers will choose you instead of business with no presence or remain inactive on social media because they see you as active and responsive.

Facebook helps in increasing traffic on your websites

Smarts businesses drive traffic to their websites from Facebook pages. You cannot achieve success by engaging people in your posts, getting them to like your posts if you cannot convert them into sales.

Then you are not doing business; you are just entertaining them. So use the link of your websites along with the posts.

I hope these points will convince you to have a Facebook presence and surely take your business to the next level. And don’t buy Facebook page likes; you can do that by yourself. Search online the ways of doing it.

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