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Why does The Good Place deserves the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series?

The Good Place series is one of the most fan favourites. This show takes on urgent topics such as life after death, integrity, ethics, honesty, goodness, virtue, the difference between right and wrong or good and evil in a terrifically entertaining and in a not so moralizing way.

Michael Schur’s creation, The Good Place is a comedy television series with better content to show than your typical sitcom. The Good Place revolves around a foul-mouthed woman called Eleanor. Her character had played by the charismatic actress, Kristen Bell.

Eleanor finds herself in the nominal spot called The Good Place after her death. This show depicts the afterlife of Eleanor. Also, this is the place where decent people go after their death. But only she knows that she was not allowed to be there and it was some default that brought her to this place.

She wanted to stay in this place. It is a community of counts of good people who did many good works to spend the eternity of their afterlife in this heaven. So, she tries to hide her true identity, which is that of an unpleasant, unsympathetic, self-centred recluse.

The Good Place has completed four seasons. The first episode released on 19th September 2016 and the final episode released on 30th January 2020. This show has nominated for many awards and it certainly bagged some of them. The series show tons of character development. The relatively strong quantity of major roles was given the perfect to the characters by the writers. It gives the impression of a look into the lives of intriguing real-life folks.

The Good Place is an encouraging show despite having some of the harsh and intense topics that it scrutinizes, but in the end, it teaches you to be a good person. This show certainly deserves The Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series.

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