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Why Did Maggie Leave The Walking Dead? Is Underpayment The Real Reason?

Why Did Maggie Leave The Walking Dead?

Why did Maggie Leave The Walking Dead? This question just randomly pops into our heads Nowadays, don’t they? Don’t worry we got you with all the theories we’ll conclude with something fun for sure!

One of the most famous American horror series set up by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie is ‘The Walking Dead. Presently it is airing the 11th season, with 177 episodes in total. After successfully airing the 11th season, ‘The Walking Death’ has secured an IMBD of 8.1/10.

This rating has been consistently secured by the horror series for the last 12 years. Even though numerous actors have been cast during the shooting of this series, Maggie Rhee or Lauren Cohen has come up with the decision of leaving the show. Let’s read the reason behind her action.

Why Did Maggie Leave The Series ‘The Walking Dead”?

Why Did Maggie Leave The Walking Dead?

Lauren Cohen’s role ‘Maggie Rhee’ was one of the most liked characters in the series. Maggie decided to leave the show when the production crew was shooting for season 9. With the conclusion of Maggie’s role, fans got very disappointed as they felt that Maggie did not get a proper ending. During the shoot of season 9, a rumor got randomly spread that Lauren Chohen left the show to help Georgia build up communities.

But now the real reason has come out. The actual reason behind the conclusion of the character Maggie Rhee was ‘money issues. According to Lauren Cohen, she felt that she wasn’t provided with the actual amount she deserved. Hence she decided to join another series “Whiskey Cavalier” and left the Walking Dead.

Who Is Maggie Rhee?

Why Did Maggie Leave The Walking Dead?

Lauren Cohan portrays the character Maggie Greene, later known as Maggie Rhee in the television series The Walking Dead. She is a fictional figure from the comic book series The Walking Dead, portrayed by Lauren Cohan in the TV adaptation of the same name.

In the comic book series, after Sophia’s mother Carol commits suicide, Maggie becomes her surrogate mother. Maggie is initially very insecure and depressed to the point of suicide after her entire family dies. With time, she becomes more independent and hardened. Maggie later joins the fight against the Saviors, urging the community to follow Rick Grimes rather than Gregory and Negan.

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