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Why did Bubbles use Conky throughout Trailer Park Boys?

Bubbles – a fictional character in the TV show Trailer Park Boys. The character is characterized by Mike Smith. Bubbles- one of the three lead characters on the show along with Julian and Ricky LaFleur. It was created by set creator Mike Clattenburg. Bubbles also arrived in three feature-length films.

Conky, a ventriloquist waxwork who is modeled after Bubbles himself, takes on his character anytime that he is put on Bubble’s hand. While Bubbles became a fan-favorite role because he is one of the finest people in the park not to mention, his kitties Conky, on the other hand, is rude, caustic, annoying, and a bad influence on Bubbles.


He even says things that Bubbles could never state and, maybe fairly, often taunts Ricky. This leads Ricky to get into fights with the puppet. There was one time wherein Conky is presented describing the authorities on Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles. In another instance, Julian goes faraway as to shoots Conky with a gun.

Is Conky necessary to the show? and Bubbles’ character, for it, matter?

A few would argue that he is. Between Ricky being Ricky, and Julian and Ricky constantly planning greasy jobs that ordinarily involve taking advantage of Bubbles’ kindness. Conky appears to function as Bubbles’ security blanket. No matter who is in charge, Julian and Ricky put Bubbles through a lot quite unfairly and while Bubbles himself is too nice, or not confident enough, to speak out, Conky provides him an exit to turn to when he is on the verge of going crazy.

Did they explain it?

Unless you buy the celestial explanation that Conky is separate from Bubbles, it would look that Bubbles does not feel comfortable speaking his mind directly, and manages Conky to do it for him. Sure, Bubbles says he has zero control over Conky, but his mouth is flowing when the puppet speaks.

In the aforementioned Reddit chat, a fan, TheHollowCoaster, claimed that Bubbles changed after Conky “expired,” writing how previously, “It was much more reserved and nicer. Post-Conky he turned into an egotistic know it all with zero of his early humbleness.”
So perhaps Conky was an undeniable evil, to get the Bubbles everyone loved.

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