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Who is Zoe Kravitz? Know More: Career, Net Worth?

Zoe Kravitz Net Worth

Zoe Kravitz is an actress, singer, and model from the United States. In “High Fidelity,” “Big Little Lies,” “X-Men First Class,” and The Divergent Shows, Zoë is known for her roles. She is the daughter of Lenny Kravitz, a rock star, and Lisa Bonet, an actress.

Zoe Kravitz Early Life

Zoë Isabella Kravitz was born in Venice, California, on 1 December 1988. She is the only child of Lenny Kravitz, a musician/singer/songwriter, and Lisa Bonet, an actress. From 1987 through 1993, Kravitz and Boney were married.

Zoë’s parents are of mixed Jewish origin, African American and Ashkenazi. Zoë recognizes herself as a secular Jew. Zoë lived in Topanga Canyon mainly with her mother until she was 11, at which point she moved to Miami to live with her father while spending the summers with her mother.

Kravitz went to Manhattan to attend Miami Country Day School and Rudolf Steiner School, graduating in 2007. The same year, Kravitz started training at The Acting Conservatory under Scott McCrea after graduating. After her first year, Zoë left college to transfer to Brooklyn, New York, to pursue a promising acting career that was already beginning to take shape at the time.

Despite her academic gestures, when she appeared in the feature film, “No Reservations,” Zoë was able to begin professional acting while still attending high school.”

Zoe’s Career

In films such as “The Brave One,” “Assassination of a High School President,” “Birds of America,” “The Greatest,” and others, Zoë has won spots as a supporting actress and co-starring roles since her first acting turn.

Zoë is also widely known for her appearance in “Californication” as Pearl and in “X-Men: First Class” for her work as Angel Salvadore. From 2017-2019 she starred in the widely popular and critically acclaimed HBO series “Big Little Lies.”

In the Fantastic Beasts film series, Kravitz has since turned in stellar performances as Leta Lestrange and voicing Mary Jane Watson in the critically acclaimed animated movie “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (2018). In a significant number of independent films such as “Dope” (2015), Adam Green’s “Aladdin” (2016), as well as the Hulu romantic comedy series based on the “High Fidelity” film (and novel), Zoë has also had starring roles (2020).

Also, as a model and artist, she had a flourishing career. As the face of YSL Beauté, she has done work and has been featured in ads for Tiffany & Co., Vera Wang, Coach New York, Calvin Klein, and several other brands as well.

As a musician, she’s the singer of Lolawolf’s band. For acts such as Lily Allen and Miley Cyrus, Lolawolf has opened, not to mention many music festivals such as South by Southwest, and has also collaborated with famous artists such as Janelle Monáe and Drake.

Kravitz’s Personal Life

Zoe Kravitz lives in the Brooklyn town of Williamsburg. While filming “Beware the Gonzo,” Zoë briefly dated Ezra Miller and was subsequently in a relationship with actor Penn Badgley for two years (2011-2013).
More recently, in 2016, Kravitz started a relationship with actor Karl Glusman and disclosed in an interview published in October 2018 that the two were engaged in February of the same year. Zoë and Karl were married on 29 June 2019 at Kravitz’s father’s home in Paris.

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Zoe Net Worth

The remarkable net worth of Zoe Kravitz comes from her extensive acting career, modeling, music, and other efforts. She is an ambassador for the fashion label Yves Saint Laurent as well.
In 2017, “Big Little Lies” won Kravitz about $380,000 per episode. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show’s acclaim won her a huge pay rise of $3 million per episode for the sophomore season.

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