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Who is Vince McMahon? How did he change the lives of WWE legends?


Vince McMahon has been a big name in WWE. Moreover, Vince is said to be the driving force behind WWE. In fact, people believe that Vince’s hard work and commitment is the reason that WWE is the top wrestling promotion in the world. Even though Vince had to face criticism, he has always shut everyone by giving the best people to the industry.
However, for those who aren’t aware of the WWE World and Vince McMahon, we’ve got you covered! Keep reading to know what it is all about.

Who is Vince McMahon?

Some people believe, if you know WWE but not Vince McMahon, you don’t know WWE!
Vince McMahon, or Vincent Kennedy McMahon is a professional wrestling promoter and executive. In addition, Vince is the American Football executive and media proprietor. Currently, McMahon is serving as the chairman and the CEO of WWE, along with being the founder and owner of Alpha Entertainment.

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In the field of WWE, McMahon has worked as a commentator. Later, he went into the field of wrestling in 1998. Certainly, Vince was known by the ring name “Mr. McMahon”. Besides, McMahon has been the two time world champion. McMahon’s persona is known for his marks such as “You are fired!” and his “power talk”.

How Vince McMahon changed fighters’ lives?

Being the CEO of WWE, Vince McMahon isn’t the one to silently look over the operations. Rather, being the former wrestler, McMahon can’t keep himself off the field. Moreover, he has been known to give life changing advice to the successors of WWE. One of them is Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock. He has always been vocal about Vince McMahon and his contribution in Dwayne’s life. However, Dwayne Johnson is not the only one. Apparently, various names such as Lilian Garcia, Dave Batista, R-Truth etc are added to the list.

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Moreover, R-Truth is the only wrestler to be 50-time Champion in WWE. He has revealed that Vince McMahon was behind his on-screen character. In fact, Truth called McMahon the “Godfather of Entertainment”. R-Truth also talked about how Vince helped him to be himself and not try to be like others. He said, “I hear Vince in the back of my head saying, ‘You need to be yourself, be R-Truth. R-Truth wouldn’t do that! He wouldn’t say that. He wouldn’t act that way”. And certainly, that advice changed Truth’s personality and made him better.


Dave Batista was known as the “Powerhouse” of WWE. Although he had a great journey as a wrestler, Batista found himself in certain situations. And in those points, he turned to Vince for his advice. Upon making a return, Batista revealed how Vince helped him get through it. Certainly, Vince had advised Dave, “When you go out there, just tell them. Be honest and speak from the heart.” And when it went well, he thanked Vince for his advice.

There are many other examples, where Vince’s advice has changed people’s life and made it easier for them. Hence, even if Vince has been criticized, he has been a good man on the other hand.

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