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Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Boruto? Reasons Why Boruto Is More Powerful Than Naruto

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Boruto?

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Boruto? This question just randomly pops into our heads while watching our favorite anime ” Boruto Naruto Next Generations”, don’t they? Don’t worry we got you with all the theories we’ll conclude with something fun for sure!

Comparing a father-son duo of a very famous anime will always be a difficult topic. But this time comparing Naruto and Boruto, knowing that the father-son does not have too many disagreements is going to be too tough. But even if it is tough, there are enough prominent factors that differentiate Naruto Uzumaki and Boruto Uzumaki. 

Firstly even if it’s a father-son duo, then also of course Naruto is much more powerful than Boruto. But in this anime, Naruto says that he does believe that even if Naruto is younger, he does sometimes surprise Boruto. Read the full article to know the differences.

How Naruto Became So Powerful – Boruto Struggles To Catch Up

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Boruto?

Naruto is initially an important member of Team 7 whereas Boruto is not a permanent member of a specific group. Of course, Naruto is very powerful than Boruto. Naruto’s main enemy is Kurma, a monster who attacked the Konoha region.

How Naruto’s Shadow Clone Power Gives Him An Edge Over Boruto

Both Naruto and Boruto have the special power of using Shadow Clones during an emergency. Naruto can alone make a thousand clones at just one time. This power of Naruto creates a big advantage in every situation. Possessing this power, Naruto aces almost every fight with his enemy.

Boruto on the other hand can also make a number of shadow clones. Even f his father has more power, we can say that even he is not that bad. Most of his techniques have been taught by his father only. Boruto was granted the power of ordering the giant serpent when he wanted to. Even if Boruto is younger than Naruto, then also at some points he is greater and more powerful than his father.

Jiraiya’s Lessons in The Power of Naruto

Who Is Stronger Naruto Or Boruto?

As we all know that Naruto possesses some supreme powers, that others don’t possess. Naruto can increase the rate of his power four times more with the help of his Chakra. Jiraiya helped Naruto learn the uses of his Chakra during his urgent times. Naruto also has the special power of healing his injuries within seconds. Be it a large injury or a small one, he can heal within seconds with his Kurama’s power.

Boruto also possesses a lot of Chakras like his father. With his superpowers, Boruto can make three Shadow Clones at one time. The Rasengan technique is just a matter of joke to Boruto as he has completely mastered the technique.

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