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Who is Nikki Cox? Let’s look back to Nikki’s career highlights!


We all know Nikki Cox from ‘Unhappily Ever After’ as Tiffany Malloy. But where is she now? Nikki Cox was active in Hollywood from 1982-2015. She has been an icon for actors as well as dancers in the industry. But for those who don’t know about her, let’s dig into it.

Who is Nikki Cox?

Nikki Cox is a renowned American actress as well as a comedy writer. Nikki Cox’s full name is Nicole Avery Cox. Certainly, she has been primarily known for her roles in Unhappily Ever After, Las Vegas and Nikki.

Nikki Cox
Source: AceShowbiz.com

Nikki Cox was born on 12 June, 1978 in Los Angeles. However, she originally belongs to Memphis, Tennessee. Besides acting and writing, Nicole was also a producer on the Jay Mohr Sports radio show. The show was hosted by her husband, Jay Mohr. In addition, Nikli Cox produced ‘Mohr Stories’, the podcast on the radio.
Moreover, Nikki Cox was married to Jay Mohr, who is a comedian and an actor. However, they split in August 2018 and have a son together named Meredith.

Career Highlights of Nikki Cox

Talking about Nikki Cox and her career, she was an early bloom. Her career began at the age of four. During her childhood, she appeared as a dancer in TV specials. By the age of ten, she entered into the acting field. Certainly, she has appeared in various shows such as Baywatch, Star Trek, Mama’s Family, Eerie, Blossom etc. Later in 1993, Nikki appeared in General Hospital for two years.

Nikki Cox
Nikki Cox in Mama’s Family
Source: Hollywood Reporter

However, her first prime time show was ‘Unhappily Ever After’, where she played Tiffany Malloy. The show was a super hit sitcom that streamed on WB. She starred in 100 episodes, however, the show was cancelled. Subsequently, Cox portrayed Taylor Clayton, a former prostitute on sitcom ‘The Norm Show’. After that, she played Nikki White in the renowned show ‘Nikki’. The show ran from three seasons, from 1999 to 2001. Her other hit was when she played Mary Connell on ‘Las Vegas’.

Las Vegas
Nikki Cox in Las Vegas Source: Warped Factor

In addition, Nikki became the spokes-model for Sportsbook.com and gave voice for Jemma in “Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust”. In 2006, she also made to ‘Lonely Street’ with Robert Patrick, Jay Mohr, Ernie Hudson and Lindsay Price. Cox has also written for Mohr’s album called ‘Happy. And A Lot.’ Above all, Nikki was nominated for the Grammy Award for the Best Comedy Album in 2016.

Where is Nikki Cox now?

As mentioned above, Nikki and her husband Jay Mohr got divorced in 2018. Apparently, the couple went through a rough patch before splitting. Later, Jay Mohr said that Nikki was declining mental health and drug addiction. Moreover, he mentioned that Nikki was “unfit to be a mother”.

jaymohr and nikki cox
Source: Entertainment Tonight

While talking to the media, Jay gave some shocking information about Nikki and her lifestyle. He said Nikki would remain in her room for days and use drugs. She neglected their son and had also threatened to commit suicide multiple times. Subsequently, Jay Mohr demanded full custody of their son Meredith.
Ever since the divorce, Nikki’s whereabouts are unknown. She hasn’t been on social media either.

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