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Who is Morgan Stewart? Know More: Career, Net Worth!

Morgan Stewart Net Worth

Morgan Stewart is a socialite and reality TV personality from the United States. First, she became famous for starring in E! The “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” reality TV series. In 2020, she married Jordan McGraw, Dr Phil’s uncle.

Early Life & childhood of Stewart

Stewart was born in Beverly Hills, California, on May 22nd, 1988. Herb Stewart, Morgan’s father, is a renowned architect with projects around the globe. Morgan toyed with the idea of attending medical school to become a doctor at one point. She also studied communications briefly at a New York college, but she disclosed that she was not exactly a great student. Morgan described her temporary foray into college in an interview as a “$150,000 vacation” and admitted that she did not pass a single class in school. This experience only further emphasized her willingness to pursue a less-travelled path and concentrate on a more innovative project, such as running a website.

Morgan’s Career

Morgan Stewart lives in Beverly Hills, California, and is BoobsandLoubs.com’s chief blogger, a website that chronicles her lavish lifestyle and provides fellow socialites that want tobes with tips. The worship of her physical assets and a 200-pair array of Louboutin allegedly influenced her blog’s title.

After posing as one of the socialites featured on E!, Morgan gained fame “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” reality series. Ms Stewart, and four other wealthy twenty-somethings, watch the show as they go about their everyday luxurious lives. Morgan is notorious for very rough drinking, and her friends sometimes drag her out of social situations that are messy. While on the show, she was dating Brendan Fitzpatrick, a fellow cast member. From 2014 to 2016, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills was on the air for four seasons, and Stewart was one of the key cast members. She also appeared in episodes of Bethenny’s TV series, Hi Ross! Hell’s Kitchen, Steve Harvey, Drinks with Khloe, Live from E! Also, and more.

Today, Morgan runs Morgan Stewart Sport, a sportswear company.

Personal Life of Stewart

Morgan married Brendan Fitzpatrick in 2016 in Santa Susana, California, after less than a year-long engagement. The relationship broke up in August 2019.

Morgan started dating Dr Phil McGraw’s son, Jordan McGraw, at the start of 2020. They announced in the middle of 2020 that they were expecting a boy. They will be married in December 2020. For a year, they dated a decade ago.

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Net Worth of Morgan Stewart

Throughout her flourishing career as a famous face in showbiz and the owner of “Morgan Stewart Sport,” Stewart has accumulated a staggering cumulative net worth of $5 million.

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