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Who is Mindy Mann? How was she linked to Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani?

Mindy Mann is a nanny who takes care of children. She worked for Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale. Her age is unknown, but she looks to be in 20s. It has been reported that she was once had an affair with Gavin Rossdale and was a part of the reason for the divorce of the couple. Gwen took the decision to divorce her husband saying that they both have got many differences in between them which isn’t compatible for them as a reason for the split.

How long did she work for them?

Mindy had became one of the most important person in their family. It is said that she was their children’s nanny for 3 years. She took care of their children, Zuma, Apollo and Kingston.

What kind of relationship did she have with Gavin Rossdale?

Sources have said that Gavin and Mindy had been in a side relationship from 3 years and that secret was discovered by one of the couple’s another nanny. She found nude photos of Mindy and sexts and told Gwen about them.

Gavin said that it was just flirting, and after few months he then revealed the truth about commiting adultery. That thing trembled her wife who was married for 13 years as embarrassed, self denial and furious.

What happened to the couple?

The couple got divorced in October 2015 and released had given their word to have a mutual decision that we will they will wouldn’t be partners any longer, but will remain as parents and both will raise their three sons in a happy and safe environment.Neither of them has talked anything about the affair.

However, it was said that Mindy was with Spencer Gutcheon and they had a girl child together back in September 2016. Nicole Mann, sister of Mindy revealed about the baby by posting a pic of herself with the hand of the baby.

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