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Who Is James Hetfield Dating? Rumours Explained

Who Is James Hetfield Dating?

The interest in one’s dating life has always been trending news. Currently, the public is after James Hetfield’s dating life. There are numerous rumors that James Hetfield is dating the famous Kim Kardashian.

As it is the Kardashians are always in the limelight, now after the rumor of her dating life, she has come into the direct spotlight. Both James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian has previous married life. Previously James Hetfield was married to Francesca and Kim Kardashian was in a very serious relationship with Pete Davidson.

James Hetfield Is Dating Kim Kardashian: Confirmed News

The famous duo of James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian is one of the most trending couples in recent times. The couple’s dating interest has been confirmed after they clicked together in Vail, restaurants, and several drives. Recently Kim Kardashian and James Hetfield were seen together on a vacation to Vali. They were captured enjoying various adventurous rides and spending quality time together. They were also captured while having dinner together.

Who Is James Hetfield Dating?
Who Is James Hetfield Dating?


The gossip just doesn’t end here. When asked Kim Kardashian about her relationship with James Hetfield, she comments that he is the best person ever. She even praises herself by saying that she is good at picking men for herself. She also plans to write a book about herself and her choices for men. On the other hand, when James Hetfield was interviewed, he said “While making love with Kim, I feel I am making love to a waterbed”. He says that Kim Kardashian is super flexible and can adjust to any situation.

He even praises Kim’s sweet voice, which she is planning to use in her upcoming music-related projects. He shows his excitement while saying the big news that James Hetfield and Kim Kardashian have filmed a due video. The song has been recorded by Carly Simon and James Taylor.

Both the stars confirmed that they are eventually dating. They shared that their first meeting was through a mutual friend of theirs. Although the name of the mutual friend has not yet been revealed. Although their answers did prove that they are dating, there has been no official news released by them about their romantic affair.

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