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Who is Damon Salvatore? How did he become a vampire?

In L. J. Smith’s novel series The Vampire Diaries Damon Salvatore is a fictional character. It is represented in the TV series by Ian Somerhalder. Damon is the principal antagonist, especially Mystic Falls in the main background of the story.

In a tumultuous, insecure time, he grew up. Damon was born at Mystic Falls, Virginia, on June 28, 1839. As a boy, his younger brother, Stefan, was very close. Both lost their mother as young adults. And their father later supported Stefan strongly over Damon, who believed Damon was reckless and ungodly.

How is Damon Salvatore’s Life?

He lives with constant fury. Damon grew older than the beginning of the Civil War and entered the Confederate army. On his leave, he encountered Katherine Pierce, a vampire who left the military for a longer time. Damon wanted Katherine to turn it so that the two could spend eternity together. Head over the heels in love with her Katherine even saw Stefan and gave them both her blood to become vampires. Furious that Katherine had turned Stefan, Damon vowed “an eternity of wretchedness” to her brother too.

What about his life?

He doesn’t have a proffesion. Contrary to Stefan who poses as a secondary school student, Damon is not a pretension to treat. Damon is found at the nearby diner, the Mystic Grill, more often than not. There he drinks and sees local residents on a regular basis. If she strikes her fancy, for her own personal enjoyment Damon creates havoc in people’s lives. He’s interested in love, retribution, dance, bourbon and leather jackets.

He has vanity, faithfulness, pragmacy, deceit, cruelty and instability. Damon seems to still have an additional motive. He omits human life absolutely, and he has no moral distress as he uses people around him as bags to breathe and live. Forgiving his brother and letting go Katherine constitute Damon’s biggest obstacle. Damon claims for nearly two centuries that Stefan’s acts have contributed unwittingly to Katherine’s arrest and later to jail.

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