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Who is Annabelle Wallis? Know more about the Peaky Blinders star!

Annabelle Wallis

Annabelle Wallis, also known as Annabelle Wallace, is a British actress. She is a brilliant artist, a firm feminist, and a dedicated social worker. She is popular for her roles as Mia in ‘Annabelle’, Jen Halsey in ‘The Mummy’, and Jane Seymour in ‘The Tudors’. However, nowadays she is winning hearts as Grace Burgess in Netflix and BBC’s popular series ‘Peaky Blinders’.

A peek into Annabelle Wallace’s life

The Peaky Blinders star Annabelle Wallace was born in Oxford, England. However, she was brought up in Cascais, Portugal as her family emigrated when she was about a year old. Annabelle is not the only star from her family. She shares a relation with infamous Irish actor and singer Richard Harris, who is her maternal uncle. Subsequently, her cousins Jared and Jamie Harris are famous actors and Damian Harris is a British film director. In addition, her elder brother Francis Wallis is a director himself.

As if she wasn’t talented enough, Annabelle is also fluent in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. This is the result of her attending International schools.

Annabelle Wallis with Steve Pine

Source: The Sun

Today, Annabelle Wallace is 36 years old, who was born on 5 Sept 1984. She was in an on and off relationship with Coldplay singer Chris Martin. She even gave her voice in his song ‘Up & up’. Currently, she is in a relationship with Star Trek star Steve Pine.

Annabelle Wallace’s Career achievements

Annabelle Wallace began her acting career in Portugal, where she worked in short films. Later, she moved to London to pursue her acting career. Wallace started by working in advertisements and then she assigned an agent. Subsequently, she got a lead role in the Bollywood film ‘Dil Jo Bhi Kahey’ besides Amitabh Bachchan. After that, she played small roles in various.

However, after struggling, she got her breakthrough in television when she appeared as Queen Jane Seymor in ‘The Tudors’ in 2009. Later she starred with Sam Claflin in ‘The Lost Future’. She was also recognized for her role in ABC series ‘Pan Am’, which unfortunately got canceled after one season due to lack of viewership. Annabelle Wallace has also appeared in X-Men: First Class, Snow White, and the Huntsman and Artifact, a documentary by Jared Leto.

Annabelle Wallis as Mia in Annabelle

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However, the major boost in her career was when she joined The Conjuring Universe in 2014. She shined in the lead role as Mia in the horror film Annabelle. Her performance was highly appreciated. Later she came back as Mia in the prequel ‘Annabelle: Creation’. Meanwhile, she also worked in ‘Come and Find Me’, ‘The Brothers Grimsby’, ‘Mine’ and ‘The Mummy’. Annabelle is known to do all her stunts in The Mummy herself, which almost killed her.

In recent years, she got famous for her role in ‘The Loudest Voice’, ‘The Silencing’, and ‘Boss Level’. Also, nowadays she is popularly known as Grace Shelby in Peaky Blinders. In the future, we’ll see Annabelle Wallace in Warner Bros’ ‘Malignant’ and Camille Griffin’s ‘Silent Night’.

Annabelle Wallace’s contribution to the World

Annabelle is a feminist and an active social worker. She has raised money for various organizations and always takes part in such events. Annabelle Wallis is a supporter of various NGOs such as Save The Children Fund in the UK, Help Refugees, etc. A few days ago, she urged her followers on social media to sign a petition, to make a “safer online experience for children and our global community.”

Recently, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wallace joined hands with Georgia Hardinge to raise funds for Age UK Charity. In addition, she is a part of the U.n.I movement by UNICEF. She actively promotes every event for the good of society.

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