Who is Ahsoka? Why does she return in The Mandalorian?

Ahsoka first was introduced to Anakin Skywalker’s Padawan in the 2008 animated Clone Wars and later became a leading figure in the series. She also appears with the codename Fulcrum in Star Wars Rebels, as well as in other comics and novels. Ahsoka has been a leader and hero of the Republic’s Grand Army in the Clone wars. But after the battle, when she’s framed to bomb Jedi Council, things take a turn to Ahsoka.

Where was Ahsoka in the Trilogy series?

Since Ahsoka has not yet died in canons, what happened to her after the Star Wars events: rebellions and Jedi returning is not clear. But Skywalker’s Rise gave us a little glimpse at her destiny. Rey feels the voice of the former Jedi that came before her, during her climate war with Palpatine. We hear briefly Ahsoka say, “As it guided us in this cacophony of voices, this seems like a strong indication that Ahsoka somehow died before the Skywalker Rise events.

Why was she seen in The Mandalorian?

Ahsoka Tano is going back to the Galactic Republic to ask the Jedi to help Bo-Katan Kryze to free Maul from the two final episodes of Clone Wars.

Maul says she’s positive she sensed the Force’s change and that something bad is coming. Skywalker’s the secret, he says. After Maul was captured and Mandalore was set free, Ahsoka had a concluding discussion on the corruption of Anakin.

Ahsoka is still alive from the Rebels epilogue after the A New Hope events. Due to its great involvement in Mandalore’s events and the discoveries of the Darksaber in the first seasons of The Mandalorian, these storys seemed to converge to a live Disney+ series.

Afterwards it was confirmed that the Ahsoka will be present in the series at the end of the 3rd episode of The mandalorian second season. Mando lets the Bo-Katan take down an imperial vessel that the Darksaber could be detained by her assumptions. Unfortunately, their work had not been completed, but Bo-Katan still provides Mando with details to continue his quest for Baby Yoda.

Thus, Mando and Baby Yoda went to find Ahsoka Tano and eventually brought together years of Star Wars.