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Who is 50 cents? What is 50 cents’ net worth?

Curtis Jackson, popularly called 50 Cent, is an American Rapper and Singer. He is widely known for his rap and was labeled as one of the iconic rappers of the 2000s. As of 2020, 50 Cent’s Net Worth is an estimated $30 Million. But the journey, till here, was not easy.

Early Life

50 Cent was born in Queens, New York. He had a very difficult childhood. His mom was a drug dealer, who passed away at a very early age. He was orphaned and was raised by his grandmother. 50 Cent was highly driven by crime, smuggling, drugs, and other illegal activities. He started off by selling drugs and weapons only at the age of 12 to bare survival. In this due course, he was arrested multiple times, and later, decided to pursue the path of music. The name 50 Cent was inspired by a bank robber that the rapper idolized. Little did he know, he would be a rap idol himself, one day.

50 cents career

50 Cent initially started rapping in a friend’s basement. He found a mutual friend who taught him how to write hooks and learn the art better. One of his first few underground singles such as “How to Rob” was caught up and admired by few audiences. Hence, his journey as a rapper began.

In 2000, 50 Cent encountered 9 deadly gunshots but the star was strong enough to have survived it. Soon after healing, the rapper released his hit album “Guess Who’s Back?”. This received the attention of Eminem who went ahead and introduce the rapper to Dr. Dre. Since meeting Dr. Dre and signing a $1 Million dollar record deal, finished off his struggle days.

50 cents property

As per sources, 50 cents puts in his 12-year-old Connecticut mansion for $2.9 Million dollars. A mansion calculated to be for $18.5 Million. The mansion-cum-palace contains  52 rooms, indoor and outdoor pools, even a club with the staff!

Coming to his car collection, He owns Rolls-Royce, White Lightening, Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Chevrolet, Range Rover, Pontiac, Bugatti, G-Wagon, and many more. The rapper even had a private jet and yacht that he often utilizes with friends and family.

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