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Where is Tamar Braxton? What is the truth behind her Suicide attempt!

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Tamar Braxton has been dealing with a lot lately. She has had a rough few months that almost took away her sanity. From suicide attempt to accusations of not paying her television team, Braxton has bravely face it all. Let’s break down what happened with Tamar so far and where is she now!

Who is Tamar Braxton?

Tamar Braxton is a popular American singer and a television personality. She is famously known for “Love and War” and “If I don’t have you”. Braxton was the founding member of the infamous R&B group called ‘The Braxtons’ in 1990. Later, she took a break from the industry for 13 years. After that, she came back with her second album called “Love and War”. Certainly, Braxton has released five albums so far and has been nominated for Grammy Awards.

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Besides singing, Tamar is also a famous TV personality. In 2011,We TV released a reality TV series called “Braxton Family Values”. The show starred Tamar Braxton, her mother and her sisters. Last year, Braxton participated in the second season of “Celebrity Big Brother” and became the first African-American to win the show in the US.

Tamar Braxton Suicide attempt!

The Grammy nominated singer has had a bad phase in 2020. But the worst of them all was when she attempted to kill herself. Braxton was found unconscious in a hotel in Los Angeles. She later revealed her experiences in an interview. She said she was putting an act of doing great when she wasn’t. Braxton said, “Our household became very hard, and it was hard because I wasn’t happy doing the show.” She added that she hadn’t been happy for years.

Apparently, Tamar didn’t want to carry on with the show. She didn’t even want to film for the spin-off “Get Ya Life”. But the channel used her contract to have her working. Hence, she claims that We TV was one of the factors for her action. Moreover, Tamar said that while found the show, “I already felt dead, I felt choked.” Consequently, Braxton felt like she could never be herself and had the stigma of an angry Black woman.

Tamar’s Domestic Abuse revelations

Another reason was when her experiences of domestic and sexual abuse were revealed on the show. Certainly, it was something that Tamar kept hidden, hence she felt betrayed. Subsequently, she sent the network and her family a letter saying she wanted to kill herself. However, no one took her seriously and was called up to shoot. Moreover, she was accused of breaching her contract and the network stopped her payments.

Tamar regretted that Braxton Family Values turned devilish. She said, “We just simply weren’t a family anymore, and that helped turn it into a nightmare for me.”

Is Tamar better now?

After all this feud and depressing period, Tamar is now trying her best to get better. Recently, she celebrated Thanksgiving and shared with her fans what she was thankful for. Most importantly, Tamar admitted that she is thankful for having her ‘right mind’. She shared on Instagram, the five things she was thankful for this holiday season. The list included: “My Life, My amazing funny a** son, My right min, Family and My Gratitude is bigger than any losses”.

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