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Where is Hometown filmed? Get to know the beautiful city featured in Hometown!


You all must have seen HGTV’s series “Home Town”. Well, the last update we got about the show was resumption of production for season 5. On June 30, Hometown star Erin shared the news on her Instagram. Certainly, it announced that they are back in production amidst the pandemic.

However, it’s clear that this pandemic is going to delay the dates for the release. We hope to get Hometown Season 5 asap. But, until then, let us take you back to the show. In the upcoming segments, we’ll talk about the beautiful places that Hometown has been filmed at. Get ready for some nostalgia!

What is Hometown about?

Hometown is an American lifestyle series on HGTV. It focuses around a couple, Ben and Erin Napier, trying to restore Southern homes in Laurel, Mississippi. Certainly, it is a depiction of shared love of Southern living and historic properties. Above all, Hometown focuses on the beauty of the city Laurel with a population of 18,756. In the show, you will see Ben and Erin busy renovating “turn-of-the-century” homes for new buyers. Moreover, Erin is a home stylist with a background of graphic design. On the other hand, Ben has building and woodworking skills. The couple put together their expertise to make the best out of the old textiles and turn it modern.

Where is Hometown filmed?

Despite the story, the show has been popular for its incredible location. As mentioned above, the work requires the couple to travel to these places and help families renovate their homes. As a result, Hometown consists of some lovely and historic houses in Laurel, Mississippi.

laurel mississippi
Source: HGTV

The couple has never missed a chance to describe how much they are in love with their hometown. In fact, Erin said in a blog, “Something about our little town gave [Lindsey] a gut feeling that she needed to reach out, that something was here for her, and something about our small town life could make people all across the country nostalgic for a place they’ve never even been.”
Clearly, all they do is wish the best for their home and people who shift and plan on living their life in Laurel. While talking about their town, Ben said, “When you live in a small town, you can make a difference… You can travel if you want to see the world, but the small towns are important. That’s where most people’s lives begin.”

Certainly, Ben and Erin’s hard-work managed to put Laurel on the map with their show.

Few facts about Laurel, Mississippi

  • Laurel is located in the pine belt region of South-east Mississippi. Hence, it is also known as “Piney Woods”.
  • Moreover, the city saw the establishment of several sawmills in the 19th century. As a result, Laurel is also known as the ‘Yellow Pine Capital of the World”.
laurel mississippi museum
Source: Group Tour Magazine
  • The historic recognition of the city can be known with Lauren Rogers Museum of Art. This museum is the oldest art museum in Mississippi, which was established by the Lauren Eastman Rogers family.
  • The city of Laurel has given the world some of the great personalities. Such as Jake Allen (football player), Lloyd Wells (musician), Parker Posey (actor), Tess Holliday (model), Robert Hyatt (computer scientist) and many more.
  • In the end, if you want to go to the city of Laurel, you can reach there through Laurel Train Depot. Also, the nearest airport to Laurel is Hattiesburg Laurel Regional Airport.

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