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 When will Victoria Season 4 arrive? Check out the latest updates here!


The infamous show Victoria has been long awaited to be renewed for season 4. The critically acclaimed show has successfully run for 3 seasons. It’s been more than a year since the release of Victoria season 3. Hence, Victoria season 4 is high on demand. However, for those who have not watched it yet, let’s know more about Victoria.

What is Victoria about?

Victoria is a British historical drama, which was premiered in United Kingdom on ITV in August 2016. The show is created by the famous author Daisy Goodwin. Victoria was later released on PBS in the United States the next year. As the name of the show suggests, the show is based on the life tale of Queen Victoria. It has covered all the events of Queen Victoria’s life throughout the seasons.

The first season Victoria depicted her coronation as the Queen of United Kingdom. The show also portrays her friendship and attraction towards then Prime Minister Lord Melbourne. Subsequently, her early wedding with Germany’s Prince Albert and birth of her eldest daughter is portrayed.

Source: The Sun

Later, Victoria’s second season showed Queen’s struggle with her duties, now both for Britain and Germany branches. Certainly, it was the time of e Anglo-Afghan War and the 1840s Famine in Ireland. Meanwhile, season 3 fast forwarded the story to Queen Victoria’s children reaching their 30s. Events like Albert’s attempt to make his son into the king, The Great Exhibition of 1851, arrival of Princess Feodora etc are dealt with in season 3.

The show has been critically acclaimed and loved by the audience. Victoria was even nominated for Prime time Emmy Awards in 2017.  Also, it has been appreciated for the depiction of true events and the accurate portrayal of the story.

When can we get Victoria 4?

After the conclusion of Victoria season 3 in 2019, the show was renewed for season 4. The news was confirmed by the author Daisy Goodwin. Earlier, Victoria star Jenna Coleman announced that the show will take a break from screens. She shared the news on Graham Norton’s Show. Coleman said, “It’s definitely going to take a break, bit of a breather and then we’re working out… there’s a lot of conversations, do you start at the Crimean War, or do you start later?” Certainly, there is still a lot left to involve in the show. Jenna said, “I mean there’s too much story, unless I literally did commit until I am 63.”

However, new season was confirmed shortly. Goodwin announced, “I am working on Series 4 at the moment…” She even gave a sneak peek into Victoria 4’s story by sharing hints. Daisy said the fourth season will be “an absolute humdinger, because…” The author also revealed that someone major may die in the new season.

Since then, there has been no announcement regarding Victoria season 4. Although season 4 was supposed to begin filming in the summer of 2019 and drop by early 2020. Clearly, that didn’t happen. Currently, the COVID situation has hindered the production work. However, Victoria season 4 is now expected to arrive in 2021.

Who played whom in Victoria

  • Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria
  • Tom Hughes as Prince Albert
  • Adrain as Mr Penge
  • Jordan Waller as Lord Alfred Paget
  • Tommy Wright as Brodie
  • Nell Hudson as Skerrett

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